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Great Game, 3.4 hours and already worth its weight in gold. Especially when you hear the great music on top of the great gals xoxox
Honestly, this game is art. From the smooth gameplay to the brilliant story writing. It is like a mosaic of wonder and sex. The game starts in a bar where you meet a very pretty woman(who you soon find out to be a magic fairy). This woman guides you through relationships and teaches you how to bang hot anime babes. This game does have hentai in it. However if you want the full nudes you'd be better off downloading the pictures, because you have to download a patch and install it into your game.(which I did because I HAD to see this game in all of its glory.) But I didnt log almost a full day into this game for hentai. No no no. I played it for the story.
10/10 You can play with only 1 hand.
11/10 My Dad Walked In On Me And Asked If There Was A Multiplayer
Made my peepee big
This is a truly emotional experience.
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Did you just assume I was gonna droooooool~?! 🎵
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so sad 12 trillion likes
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stupid weeb
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OW Perm banned...
Yes, I got overwatched possibly for Bhop scripts... Yes I cheated, yes I'm stupid.... and that was my the lesson and I'm waiting for the comments down bellow being like "Cheater you deserved it", "Mad?". But my life is CSGO, ok I play everyday and thats the only thing I do i have many friends that are like my borthers and familly and if they feel bad i feel bad too, so here is a lesson for me, I can't now be close to them and all of you cheaters including me will come in this position too one day, when you'll need your friends the ones that are like your family and you will need them, just to have fun. But you wont be able too, you wont, because you and I was unfair. I want to thank everyone for being close to me... and being my friend... and i want you to know that you were like a family to me... but i acted like an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ to such a great game and community and I'm really, really sorry.

Anarchia Aug 13 @ 8:48am 
just one question, why?
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