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Which sport has the least gay?
Stephen Hawking here,

Swimming is eliminated right off the bat, as you wear a speedo and play in the water with other men. Secondly, I will be eliminating Basketball, Soccer, Football, Volleyball, and Rugby, as these games involve touching balls, which is gay. Wrestling is eliminated for A. being not real, and B. being gay as fuck. Now of course sports like Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Lacrosse, Croquet, Polo, Ping Pong, Cricket and others like it are gay. This is because you are handling both a sick and balls, which is really fucking gay, more so than sports where you just handle a ball. In the case of hockey, it is slightly less gay than the others due to the fact that only a stick is handled. And to all of you degenerates who say that a racket isn't a stick, you're just all flat out wrong. Track & Field, as well as Cross Country must also be eliminated, as anyone who would wear shorts like that clearly have no respect for their own manhood. Despite being neutral, Gymnastics must also be eliminated due to the unfortunate uniforms that men wear. Now where does this leave us? Well, through my extensive research, I have concluded that the least gay sport in the world is solo men's figure skating. Why you might ask? It is because the man can wear what he pleases. Additionally, there is no handling of a stick or balls involved, and most importantly, is done alone with no other men around. Therefore, Solo Figure Skating is the least gay sport known to man.

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Bewilder 16 hours ago 
Doomsday Heists are easy.
Wing Feb 13 @ 1:45am 
It's true. ;(
X-Mercury-X Feb 13 @ 1:44am 
Even Wing would batter you, and he's trash.
Wing Feb 13 @ 1:43am 
If you set up a K/D of 1.72 as an achievement, I'd say it's pretty fair that somebody wants to test your skills.
X-Mercury-X Feb 13 @ 1:41am 
1.72 K/D is nothing my dude, nothing to be proud of.