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This box can be typed in so I will put words in it that have no value to me at all
Meow Woof Beep Contopulas(<--- Dat aint no word :P) Cake Apple I like apples how many apples can you do? say apple no I said say apple ok ok ok fine nevermind just build a robot...in Skyrim and make it ridable. On a dragon from Narnia Elsa and the White witch are both evil ice queens tentaculis(<--- I spell dis wrong) will kill us all. I be running out of room to type...now im tired from running let me have a drink of water from the fountain of youth. Oh boy ive turned 4 this isnt good now I cant process big boy stuff like math and KSP which not even big boy me understands THE BOX JUST EXPANDED!!! well I guess this is the end of my life long story of love and apples THE END

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xevious Sep 8, 2014 @ 2:13pm 
Look! A Comment mushroom! Nom nom nom. Anyways, anytime you see this, you should talk to me and ask me about proper non atmospherolic landings.