Slava K.   Kyyiv, Ukraine
Just don't be a toxic player, and you'll be fine, bro.
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Some info here.
Some of my personal Info
Name: Slava
Age: 20, was born in Spring '97
From: Kyiv, Ukraine
Things I like to do: Play Games, Hang out with friends IRL, Listen to the Music
My music library by 06 July 2017 []
Languages I can speak: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Polish.

My setup
CPU:Intel Core i3-4360 @3.60GHz
Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770
RAM: Kingston ValueRAM DDR3 1600MHz 16GB Kit 2x*GB
Controllers&other shit: mouse Trust GXT 25, keyboard Logitech K350, webcam Logitech HD Webcam C270 for its microphone, Logitech X-230 speaker system, headphones AKG K512.
This runs all shit I need or I play on nice graphic settings with decent FPS (starting from 60 on games with fps limit, going up to 120-200 with decent graphic settings in other games)

Some other info
Resigned Admin of best jailbreak server you'll ever find.
CLWO []-> connect
Also, Trial Moderator on best TTT server you'll ever find :P -> connect
My second Steam account: *click*
Games I play which are not on Steam: Hearthstone, WoT.
Games I also own, but haven't played for months (or years): Minecraft, Stracraft 2.
Don't ask me to give you something for free. You'll be blocked.
If you like my profile description structure, feel free to use it, but first hit me on Steam about it :)
I like achievements and I'm trying to get them while playing the games. Achievement hunting is love, achievement hunting is life.
My Steam level is assembled only from the badges of games I own, and preferably good ones. No shit badges only to get levels. At least for now.
Same with emoticons/profile backgrounds. After I get lvl 5 badge, I get ALL missing emoticons and some of profile backgrounds that I like, so I'd say I've got pretty cool and beautiful collection of profile backgrounds.
Here's my emoticon collection, by the way: (you can keep your cursor here so it don't block anything)

Some links
My Steam account value []
My wishlist value (06 July 2017) []
Time spent playing games on Steam [] - I'd say add 600-1000 hours on blizzard games, and that's will be my playtime in all games. Well, and around 2k hours on pirated games, before I started to buy games.
My friendlist sorted by the amount of time I've been friends with them []

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Oh, look, spoiler -> They're actually retards
Phire , Epic , xileF , Dragoon , TheDilShawn
Oh, and here -> My fav retards, Keppo <3 :D

[BONUS] Some other (maybe) intresting things
Steam Summer Sale 2017 for my wallet []
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I'm a wizard my dick game got her under a spell
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Can I buy your girlfriend with csgo skins pls?
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