Isak   Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
Allow me to introduce myself! The name's Isak, a swedish turd in his best years!

Apart from spending a huge amount of time in Uppsala and Stockholm where most of my friends reside, I live in a smallish town no one seem to ever hear of so I won't even bother naming it.

Most of my interests is related to entertainment such as movies, games and music. On my free time try to study a music production program so I can start putting my musical ideas into play and write songs for my band. And when I don't do that I sing randomly out loud, play the guitar, both acoustic and electric, watch a lot of anime and sci-fi series such as Stargate, One Piece, Battlestar Galactica, Futurama etc. and hang out with friends and being spontaneous and shit.

Well... what more is there to say? I like milk, movies, cats, dogs, Quentin Tarantino, licorice, anime and Zelda. I usually play, workout, hangout with people, , cook food, eat food and hangout with more people!
I'm geeky, bit of a philosopher, Caucasian, 180 cm tall, guitarist, Capricorn and very, very cool! ...that's about 20 truths and one lie, can you guess which one? ;)

Get to know me, I'm awesome 8D
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