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falcon Jun 29 @ 7:23am 
that's snob he likes to get people mad, and that's why he's nois :v
Gingbro Jun 29 @ 4:03am 
Did you even read the comment? I played a match with him.
falcon Jun 29 @ 3:39am 
how do you know mah boi snob?
Gingbro Jun 28 @ 3:39pm 
So I was in a match with this guy. Here is what I have to say.
He is a skilled player, I will give him that, but he is keeping his team down. His way of speaking is toxic, and when he dies he blames the Engineer, or the Snipers or anyone. It's never his fault, cause the Medic was healing a Demoman, so it's 100% the Medic's fault.
You can get far by just being nice, and if you were nicer, I am sure you would win way more games than you ar winning now.
Don't see this as hate, more as critisism.
Please think about being a nicer person, it will get you a lot further.
Zak(DZ) May 30 @ 10:36am 
Zak(DZ) May 30 @ 10:36am 
yeah will5023 , who woud call u a nazi , you're a great admin , aint ya