Olivier   Sonderjylland, Denmark
:lvl4pages:Buying CSGO Knives & Skins for Real Cash
:lvl4pages:Buying PUBG Items for Real Cash
:lvl4pages:Buying DotA2 & H1Z1 Items for Real Cash
:lvl4pages:Middle Man for Rl items
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Beware of impersonators and scammers. I will never use any other account for trading, negotiating or talking in general. Many scammers pretend to be me to steal your items. Don't get scammed and report/delete them as soon as you can!

►Buying CSGO Skins & Knives for Real Cash
►Buying PUBG Items for Real Cash
►Buying H1Z1 & Dota2 Item for Real Cash
► Payment Method:
Bank Transfer
► Don't add me for downgrades unless I state that I accept them on my threads
► Don't try to trick me in either way, I know the prices of the items, no need to waste any time
► Private/Unedited I will block you right away even if you're not a scammer / bot
► Special announce for the scammers - Don't even try wasting my time :)
► If I don't accept your friend request It might be cause your inventory value is very low
► If I ignored you by mistake, feel free to contact me through my comments
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Hey base friends want you?
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+++++rep amazing player
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+rep i went first and got money on paypal
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+rep fast trader nice guy