Henry "MrBrickfreak" Orlov. 20 years.   Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia
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My old nicknames:De$enFiG@tor and Kolito77
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This long way began since I was 5-6 years old. Back then I started playing such games as StarCraft, Little Big Adventure, Half-Life, Morrowind, Unreal Tournament, Dune and XCOM. In 2006 I started playing Garrysmod,then I also started making my first videos with my friend Descom. Then we decided to show some of our's videos on youtube, and I became a Video Maker.
Now, I have a dream of becoming a developer.

My favorite game titles:Little Big Adventure 1 and 2, Silent Hill 2, Sanitarium, Gmod, Call of duty Black ops 1, Counter-Strike game series, Max Payne, Eldritch, Borderlands, Undertale, Super Meat Boy, Fallout game series, Pokemon generations, Diablo game series, StarCraft,Medal of honor, Warcraft, Half-life, Dune 2000,Stalker, Age of empires, Evolva, Heroes of might and magic 3, Hitman codename 47, Unreal Tournament 1999, Morrowind.

My favorite TV shows:Doctor who, Mythbusters, Lost, Breaking Bad, Better call Saul, The Walking dead and other stuff

My favorite authors: H. P. Lovecraft and Anton Chekhov

My favorite e-sports Team is FNATIC

Also I've got and accounts with the same nicknames.


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Base System - Intel Core i70 4770K
Main Plate - MSI Z8007-GD65 Gayming
Memory - DDR40 160 GB
Hard Drive - SSD 120GB OCZ VERTEX 3 HDD 16000GB
Video card - MSI GeForce TTX680 1337228 MB
Interfaces - 40 ports USB 2.0, 20 ports USB 3.0,RJ-45(HAN), VGA,DVI,HDMI,AUDIO
Case - CoolerMaster SD Storm Scout II Advanced
Operating System - iphone 8
Warranty - 24 Hours
CPU FAN - CPU Zubman CNPS 10X Extreme Mega Pro Hard Device Over Shot
Case FAN Zalman 228700mW (ZM700-GT)
Mouse - IBM M-SF15
Speakers - Altec Lansing ACS-340
Sound card - Soundblaster 64V PCI card
Keyboard - IBM Model M Epic Ultra Gaming
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After so many years... I grew up... I've seen a thousand of games... The game industry has changed... but I will never forget this game which made me into a man who I am right now. This game was the start of my geeky and wonderfull way in a game industry and my own life. My applause to every person who even took a smallest role in creation of this game. This is not just an ordinary game for me, this is something bigger that lies deep in my brain and soul. I will never forget my favorite game of all times.
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