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lul kys

Online = Spam me with whatever you plead.
Away = I never set this when I actually go afk, so I probably don't want to talk to anyone.
Busy = Don't talk to me lul, doing shet with College/Dev.
Offline = Probably asleep (extremely rare) or on a different account. Or I've been killed (I wish).
my only "skills" in life
Video Editing
Game Testing
Some sort of programming
Motion design
Piss off/disgust people
Turn gay/bi people straight
Turn straight people not gay
Turn females into cunts
Waste time
get banned
get blocked


achievements in my pathetic life
over 10,000 hours wasted on steam in about 2 years
i only failed one gcse course
i have a job that i despise very much
turned 3 gay ppl straight
sexually harassed many girls
leaked my own nips on discord
helped make nigger be a casual word in today's society
over 8k posts on a bad website
actually wasted over 2k hours on gmod
be banned from the same discord server over 50 times

VAC Ban Story
I used to surf on Garry's Mod and I sucked d!ck, I used the speedhack on Cheat Engine to try to get an advantage because I was a d!ck sucking surfer (and still am). One day in about 4 in the morning my brain wasn't obviously in working order as I tried to use the same thing for surf BUT on CS:GO. What a retard lul, next day I launched CS:GO and boom straight away VAC banned. Was it deserved? Probably.
Nonetheless still going to get those cringe 12 year old kids nagging at me exclaiming how I am a filthy cheater so there's not much point to this appeal.


Rainbow Six | 11 Year Veteran
Dungeons & Dragons Online | 10 Year Veteran.
Command & Conquer | 9 Year Veteran

Faggots that I appreciate

Electroz Cuntwyn
Met this nonce on a Garry's Mod DarkRP server, he's now my Dad as I have fond memories of when he used to touch me willingly as Hagrid and I was the one who didn't like it. How the tides has changed. He's a good Swedish dad.

The Joker

Mark Blackwood
Met this beautiful specimen on I don't even know, I think it was probably on a Teamspeak or something but you know. Naturally talented at playing the kazoo, shows me the best Brazilian songs ever, coco, coco, are you coco?

Met him on Garry's Mod DarkRP, made a pretty dank gang and then combined a rival gang to create the 'Dynasty', some great memories with this great guy. I think he's moved to Australia so haven't talked to him much as of late.

Met this squeaker through Electroz Goldwyn, I can never forgive Electroz for that, I think I've only talked to this knob apart from playing Rocket League this one time and Left 4 Dead.

Not even sure how or when I met this goon, I think he's Turkish idk, but I found his Instagram and was suprised at his age, I thought he was like 11 tbh. GG.

Met this chimpanzee on TTG, he thought I was a nice person until I invited him to Teamspeak, ever since then I've bombarded him with daily racial slurs. Destroyed his self esteem and bullied him very nicely over the year or two. To think I was going to help this guy make a Gmod server is good because I didn't which was a good save on my part. I also helped him get Mod/Admin on a Gmod community.

Rarr is an absolute babe, I love him to bits. The amount of roleplay experiences I've had with him is amazing, don't talk to this beautiful thing much anymore but have great memories of the times of when he was active. #MakeShitvilleGreatAgain

I met this sexy Dutch babe when I was a Super Admin on a Gmod community, watched him get all the way to Veteran Admin, be banned, got him unbanned months later, just for him to not really come back. I love him.

This is my girlfriend, I love her, her name is Benita, we joke that her name is Ben sometimes it's really cute, I met this 13/14/12 year old soulmate on a Gmod community I was Super Admin on. Biggest minge I've seen in my life, and I mean that both sexually and gaming-wise.

James Baldon
He's bald, he's built like a brick and he likes to have a cold one with the boys. He was a terrible staff manager and disgusted me with his antics. The highlight for me is seeing his bald head be revealed by himself, biggest meme of 2017.

I fuckin love Torey, he is a beautiful specimen. He reaches his prime when he is drunk, jesus f'ing christ what a story to tell about for when he is drunk. Torey if you're reading come to my house and we can crack a cold one with James Baldon.

I would bang the crap outta this big man, he writes the best fan fics, the one with me and Electroz is just so hawt and i wish it was a reality because Electroz is thicc :3. Rotten bang me k?


Chat Logs Leaked


Scott ★ Printers: I can't think when I'm hungry
Scott ★ Printers: so I'm gonna go eat something to eat
Scott ★ Printers: see
Scott ★ Printers: that's fucking proof
Srlion: lol
Scott ★ Printers: "go eat something to eat"
Srlion: gonna go eat something to eat

The Joker: i got the weights
The Joker: im gonna be fucking ripped

Scott ★ Printers: this is your quartermaster speaking
mark rͨeͧdͨwͭoͣoͬdͩ: Yes m'lord
Scott ★ Printers: u shall fuck me in the ass in the courtyard soldier

"BDO is the best game in the uniworld" - Electroz Starwolf
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Lol vac banned scum
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Why??? I bet u jank off to Alinity and STpeach
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poseidon is a fag