A 🆅🅰🅻🆅🅴 User , (SamJ)
:sr4sunglasses: Welcome Gamers I'm the best shooter and kindest :spirallove: gamer you will ever find Right now , Don't Forget to (View More Info) It's Kinda Important :gmod:

Before You Read More Know I Don't Like Theses Type of Layout
And The Ending of Ignore The Rulese will be In Blackout Destiny
With me
1 . I Do not Accept Who Level 0 (Under Level 1) :bear:
2 . I Do Never Ever Accept Privite Profiles :Graven:
3 . I Don't Like The People Didin't Accept My Friend Request :cigar:
of 3 . if someone ignore my reuqest won't get my friendship whatever
how ranked up i'm or the gamer rank you ignore me ? you won't get me
4. I Know Very Well i could give Game that cost 60 Dollars wishlist GIFT :claptrap:
For Best Friends i do have or someone need help and i get wins on my work

CARDS (without trading) , (Without gifting you items by myself) or you geting Removed from my Friends List :risen2sanddevil:

5. If You Messaged me and i didn't Reply you that's means i'm AFK
(Sleeping) (Working) (not on my Laptop) Wait Always for it !!!!! :terraria:

6. I don't care who is higher then me in level till 300 because that's was me
so be sure to not treat me randomly cos i'm really VIP :sr4eagle:

7. and Final Rule (if you didn't read all 6 Rules Up) You won't be friend with
More Info
My Name is Sam Sayed (Sam J)
My Born is Germany - Munich
My Living At This time (New York) United States
My Talents (infiniti) no count for it
My Life Could be your life heave or never :risen2clawmonkey:
Okay And here more about me

MrPPs so no one could call me newbie or something like that because its really will piss me off real
also don't forget to follow my music channel at soundcould i leave
the link down below well if you wanna to be bro
message me but first read the rules

Rules :Gmod:
1. Don't Be Ruse Please I'm Such Good Clean Person older then you on here so read
Here Trade Rate for Every Levels ►

1 : Who under Level 5 and had reply my message i give a chance who him/her

2 : Who under Level 10 we can trade trading cards

3 : Who up level 10 to 700+ they win great offers and big deals
like extra tarding card gift of any trade or any item

So wanna to come closer check down my social links!

here my soical links
► Facebook Fan Pages-

(and really.. its old you can ignore it)
(My Music Fan Page)
► Twitter



► Soundcould


► Youtube


2: [Coming Soon!]

► Skype (Add Me) and be a bro

1: master.pps

Q : Do you help out for getting games
A : Yes I do as I did in the past but in events only

Q: Which Events you give free games
A: Christams or Black Friday for contests

Q: How long will you be gaming with MrPPs
A: I played for 11 (2004 starts) years and still adventuring!

A: yeah i had unreal engine before so i was
a big destony to build m
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Geometry Dash
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HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU WISHING YOU HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY IN THIS YEAR ENJOY EACH DAY :cinnamon: :golden: :happymeat: :papyrus: :steamhappy: :LucyValentine:
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Merry Christmas :dwayneelf: :clementineelf: :clementineelf: :clementineelf: :2015holly:
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kindest gamer? funny.
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Have a good weekend :cinnamon:
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10k hours on GD ;3;