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Murher "Madman" Jimino   New Hampshire, United States
Greetings! My name is Murher, or Mason. Feel free to leave a comment, message, or invite me to a game; As long as I'm not busy, I'll indulge you.

Every time I get paid and think I'll have money left over: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxETJaRed4E

-I was asked today what the most important thing about culture should be, and I responded quickly with 'education.' Why? You give people the tools to do great things and eventually someone will make the world a better place. You merely give everything you can and hope.

TAKE THAT! You one eyed bomb lobbin' cactus eating pot bellied punk bloody fat jiggly whopping big backstabbing lard arm creepy, spastic little bloody blind eyed precious little twitchy pickle headed rocket hoppin' plod - potato hoppin' phony two faced filthy mutant bastard! HOLY DOOLEY!
C.Madoka: i crashed TOOO
Absolute Madman✨: LERL
Absolute Madman✨: We broke the server
Absolute Madman✨: That is so fucking funny
Viking Tea Time: Like ur legs
Viking Tea Time: R broken
Professor Madman✨: r u sure?
Professor Madman✨: Cuz
Viking Tea Time: I mean
Professor Madman✨: I'm still falling
Viking Tea Time: U fell out a window
Viking Tea Time: O
Viking Tea Time: Shit
Professor Madman✨: Did the wind break my legs?
Professor Madman✨: I mean
Professor Madman✨: Its not li- *smack*
Viking Tea Time: Possible
Viking Tea Time: High fall
Viking Tea Time: Oh
Viking Tea Time: Damn
Viking Tea Time: That look like sum good chili
Professor Madman✨: *is dead as fuck*
Viking Tea Time: *naccho chips, uses your pulp as dip*
Professor Madman✨: *is tasty as fuck*
Viking Tea Time: That sweet alabama taste
Viking Tea Time: Mmm mmm good
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Other information, FAQ
Name: Murher, Mason, Mace
Age: 20
Sex: I'm Male
Favorite Music: Metal (Specifically thrash, viking. Has to have a lot of energy.) Or Volkslieder.
Favorite Color: Black, Gold for accents.
PC or Laptop: I run a Laptop
Country of Origin: Ugh, USA.
Hobbies: Video game, writing (Poems, stories, books)
Area of Interest: The Sciences, biology, astrology, mechanical studies, social studies. Video
===Erm, things I want?===
-If you know anything that you think I don't, about any particular topic, I'd like to hear it.
Be it history, mechanical engineering, bio-sciences ect ect.

-If you are from another country that isn't the US, please tell me about it! I enjoy learning about how people live and interact in other cultures. I like hearing facts, history, and people's favorite things about their homeland.
===-Games I'm looking to play with people at the moment:===


-Tis what thine posse throw down to whilst engaged in the most hardcore gatherings of intense merriment.
-Thine path chosen wasn't rascal life, the rascal life hath chosen me.
-"Nice skybox, shame about the game!" -Yatzee
-Look at this net. That I just came across in the general vicinity.
-If it isn't old and spicy, we don't want it.
-Like shit scoob, we're in for it now!
-By my calculations...
-No Cool dudes allowed, very illegal
-E X T R A T H I C C
-This tea, I say, is excatly what I required on a day like today.
-I added paul walker on Xbox,but he spends all his time on the dashboard.
-Leave a goddamn comment on my profile, and I swear to god, I will love you for it.
-Germany is a massive example of the phrase, "3rd time's the charm."
-Were it so easy.
-These servers are chugging like a coal train!
-157.1 hours in a week? Thats... There are only 168 hours in a week! I spent almost a whole week on steam!
-Your life is just your life flashing before your eyes and you are already dying. Make sure you like what you see.
-When I die, my rigor mortis will be just my middle finger up. Just for you guys
-"Spiciest wankshot in history of man." -Burno
-B O O M S H A K A L A K A
"That's what you get for expecting me to do the job for which I am paid!"
-"Eat Asphalt, Asphalt Eaters."
-My victory will be slow, but certain.
-"Ashes to ashes, butts to butts."
-"Its not gay, its art." -Matt 2017
-Confusingly German and really angry.
-If I could touch the sky, I would want to.
-What more could a man want more than a fabricated lifestyle?
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Absolute Madman✨ Oct 8 @ 8:09am 
I am sorry frien. You must understand though, your skeleton was turned on, but since it lack the right plumbing, could not get a counter coc.
♕MiniFireman♕ Oct 5 @ 7:17pm 
I remember on Halloween a skeleton showed me its coccyx. Never been the same since.
Underbar Ängel Sep 21 @ 6:55pm 
(the dick intensifies)
♠Busted Out♠ Sep 13 @ 11:36am 
+rep hes a fucking madman
Tricky Betrayer Jul 24 @ 1:25pm 
Absolute Madman✨ Jul 24 @ 1:23pm 
Thanks Fam. You're not that bad yourself.