Mr. Anaatti
Antti Vainio   Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
Sometimes, I dream about cheese.
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If you feel like asking me something or just talking with me, feel free to add me to your friends. I absolutely don't do trading, so do not add me for that. :RogueMimic:

Also: if your profile is private, very low level or otherwise looks like a bot account, I will simply ignore or even block you straight away because you would most likely be a scammer bot. Of course you can add a comment down below before adding me and I won't ignore you. :emofdr:
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Lord Khyréss 9. úno. v 10.26 
i've been in helsinki. i thought that i should have a friend from Finland and also i learned a little bit finnish 'minu nimeni on Egehan'. i appreciate if u add me , thanks ! :Geralt:
Zebedeeeee 24. čvc. 2017 v 21.27 
Hi sir i want to work as a bot
rectangular 22. čvc. 2017 v 17.06 
Very nice work! Added for an api question/chat. :cactus_altguard:
Mr. Anaatti 14. čvc. 2016 v 2.37 
I went ahead and made it show 100 backgrounds right now. I might make the amount even bigger in the future but we'll see. :2016watermelon:
Vitt0.c ♥ Mila 12. čvc. 2016 v 17.23 
Hi there, i was looking for stats about the most used background in Steam and i find your SteamBot page, i was wondering if u maybe could and more that just the 25 more used? Maybe like 50,100,250 etc., from already ty for your time :golden:. Greetings.
Twix 24. pro. 2015 v 6.20 
Best chanel.