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Hi, I'm a JRPG gamer and also play some games of other genres from both Japan and the west.

I love hacking, cheating, and modding (only in single player games).

Feel free to add me as a friend but please do not ask me to buy a game for you or borrowing my money, because you'll be removed.
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Monterossa Aug 6 @ 4:13am 
閃の軌跡 日本の声


Novem Aug 4 @ 8:07pm 
Thank you for your help.
Monterossa Aug 4 @ 10:37am 
Follow me, I'll tell you step-by-step.
1. Load the clear save data.
2. At the screen that the game let you choose NG+ options, you tick on any options until you reach the 5/5 quota.
3. In CE, you change the "Value Type" to "Byte"
4. Scan for value "5"
5. Go back to the game and untick every option, so your NG+ points will go back to 0/5.
6. Back to CE, do "Next Scan" for value "0"
7. You keep repeating step 2 to step 6, until CE filtered out the address list til you only have one address left on the list.
8. Put that last address down to the cheat list, change the value to 0 and you freeze that value.
9. Go back to the game and now you should be able to tick all the options and break the 5/5 quota. If you've done it correctly it should be working.
Novem Aug 4 @ 9:22am 
Hey, mind if I ask you a quick question? How does one use Cheat Engine to unlock everything for NG+ (Cold Steel)? Set 0 as the first scan then change your the scanned number according to the amount you spent as your next scan. And then pick the remaining address and check the box for it? For what ever reason I always end up more than a few remaining addresses and I can't seem to make a third scan. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Light Saviour Jun 30 @ 11:47pm 
Thank you very much sir
Monterossa Jun 30 @ 11:07pm 
I fixed the link in that thread.