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[Addict] The First Lord of Horror : Hot damn I was gay for a few seconds
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-\/G- Spek 12. Jan. um 20:34 Uhr 
Roudydogg1🎄⛄ 12. Jan. um 20:32 Uhr 
Congrats on your innocence, glad to see that hick finally get what was coming to him
-\/G- Spek 12. Jan. um 0:49 Uhr 
found this comment on a doom video
"Satan looks under his bed lookin for Doomguy...."
- \/G - MuseSter ❤ 8. Jan. um 21:47 Uhr 
-\/G- Spek 7. Jan. um 20:10 Uhr 
has your sexchal urgams had smexican before
lik how7 u put the penbas in deh vaginies
beca i put my punbas ina gril befare
and it falt laik girl
-\/G- Spek 24. Dez. 2016 um 21:55 Uhr 
merry chistmas