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I like DooM. I know all the secrets. I can beat it on NIGHTMARE. Any questions?
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[Addict] The First Lord of Horror : Hot damn I was gay for a few seconds
I want to play my best friend for winter and specifications bacon buttlet need to see. is a great game, you can have a good time with each other in a snowstorm.
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List of Richards
1: Shadowrain http://steamcommunity.com/id/Shadowra1n
2: Jackal http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970916475
I guess these next guys aren't exactly Richards, but they sure can't read.

Never tell your password to anyone.
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: yes?
Kamikaze (1): hi
Kamikaze (1): thanks for accepting me :)
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: ok
Kamikaze (1): just want to ask if your unusuals up for trade?
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: depends on price
Kamikaze (1): if you're not busy try to check my stuff http://steamcommunity.com/id/newlow/inventory/
Kamikaze (1): you can choose in my stuff
Kamikaze (1): did you check it?
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: yes
Kamikaze (1): okay
Kamikaze (1): just tell me what do you want to offer for your 4 unusuals
Kamikaze (1): done?
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: still looking
Kamikaze (1): okay
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: dzien dobry, Czy mowi pani po polsku?
Kamikaze (1): what?
Kamikaze (1): english please
Kamikaze (1): are you there?
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: yes
Kamikaze (1): what?
Kamikaze (1): what now?
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: um
Kamikaze (1): ?
Kamikaze (1): what now?
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: hmm
Kamikaze (1): what now?
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: Anybody mind if I....
Kamikaze (1): what?
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: Why does your inventory private
Kamikaze (1): to avoid scammers and hijackers
Kamikaze (1): ?
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: So you do trading, but don't let people see your stuff
Kamikaze (1): sec
Kamikaze (1): here http://steamcommunity.com/id/newlow/inventory/
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: yknow, if I didn't know better
Kamikaze (1): what?
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: That'd be suspicious
Kamikaze (1): what do you mean?
- \/G - DooM Fan >=SF=<: yknow, linking to a different profile's inventory
Kamikaze is now Offline.

Never tell your password to anyone.
Thursday, June 22, 2017
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: Hello
- \/G - DooM 3 days to bday!>=SF: Yes?
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: Are you trading your tf2 items?
- \/G - DooM 3 days to bday!>=SF: SAVE JESUS
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: what?
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: not yet
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: xD
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: you can t
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: trade directly?
Call from :HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy started.
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: Hello my friend?
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: Can you hear me?
Call with :HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy ended.
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy has ended the call.
- \/G - DooM 3 days to bday!>=SF: So you want someone dead?
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: what?
- \/G - DooM 3 days to bday!>=SF: I am hitman
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: really?
- \/G - DooM 3 days to bday!>=SF: Yis
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: Add me on fb
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: (name removed)
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: hey?
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: what now?
- \/G - DooM 3 days to bday!>=SF: HItman job?
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: yes
- \/G - DooM 3 days to bday!>=SF: What is target
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: target the target
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: okay?
- \/G - DooM 3 days to bday!>=SF: Ok
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: dont ok my ok
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: Okay?
- \/G - DooM 3 days to bday!>=SF: yes comrade
:HIT: Bobo the Monkey Boy: good
- \/G - DooM 3 days to bday!>=SF has changed their name to Jesus the Russian Hitman.
Jesus the Russian Hitman: so where is target
Jesus the Russian Hitman: I go to bed

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