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A Blue Horizon:
The economy teeters on the edge of ruin as strange events invade the last metropolis capable of maintaining the balance.

An early rainy morning brings the inexplicable destruction of two metro trains, leaving nothing but questions behind for reporter Beau Bradley. Was it a terrorist attack or just an unfortunate accident? The answer could tip that balance and usher in an era of depression that the country may never recover from.

Bill Wyburn, former chief of Orchid, is drafted back into service to help find a solution to this unfolding puzzle. With his expertise, the covert military organization recruits Nick Miller, a battle-hardened captain, to lead a fresh squad of soldiers into the growing phenomenon, and search for the source.

Meanwhile, a lone survivor knows the truth.

Praise for A Blue Horizon:
“...masterfully lays a tapestry of questions begging for answers… like a government conspiracy novel with elements of mystery and the supernatural…”
-Mickey Ann, Author of Gods Behaving Badly

“…gripped me… a page-turner from page one…”
-Bernetta Haynes, Author of Landrien Moriset

“…excellent character building, interesting sub-plots and exceptional descriptive prose throughout…”
-Ralph Jones, Author of the Slaughter Series

What Others are Saying:
“Enjoyed it immensely. Looking forward to Book 2…”
“There are many undercurrents for those who like subtle intrigue. Twists and turns abound…”
“…one of the few books I will read more than once…”

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E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy
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People are mistaking this game for a Flashback/Another World clone, it’s neither. It is however a fine attempt at recreating the obscure imported C64 games of old that were confusing and attempted to differentiate themselves with bizarre control schemes. It’s clearly targeted at a very niche demographic that is nostalgic for these hidden gems. The fun was in figuring out how to play them in a time without manuals or internet.

It’s similar to games like Impossible Mission, Max Headroom, and Project Firestart - yet unlike any of them. Feeling like it fell out of time somewhere and got ported to the PC in the process. I recognized immediately the itch the game would scratch, the nuanced design and throwback to that era is readily apparent. And at the end credits, I wasn’t disappointed. If anything, I wished it had been more obscure and obtuse to play.

To be clear, there is not much in terms or story or action here. It’s an experience and a trip to the past for those who still recognize the road it takes.

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I do and it was - All good, s**t happens...
Valtrinor [ғ¹º] Sep 29, 2015 @ 1:20am 
Assuming you also use this name in Ubisoft's games, thanks for a few great rounds in the Siege beta :) Sorry for the sudden bail, I ran into an amusingly specific crash bug which appears to have survived the closed alpha and their internal testing =\
MoparMan May 28, 2014 @ 8:46pm 
Got my Account Back!
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hey dude have you been able to play Nexuiz Beta? Can't join anything
_-GearHead-_ Apr 13, 2012 @ 7:15pm 
excellent person to deal with.