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Send me your programming ideas!

My list of projects is unfortunately now empty...
Therefore, I need your suggestions.

Please contact me if:
    * You have an idea for a simple addon/gamemode for Garry's mod.
    * A project possible to make in C#. I like using Selenium which is for web automation. Also small tools to possibly make some tasks simpler.
    * A webbrowser addon. (I must admit, that my skills in JS are low, so keep it simple.)
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Hello Visitor!

Who are you❓
I'm a programmer. I mainly code in C# and work with websites.
I live in Denmark, 16 Years old.

Can I add you as friends?
Yeah, go ahead. But please don't spam me with group/game invitations. I don't like it :)

Programming/scripting languages you can code in?
10 = Fluent
0 = Knowing Nothing

HTML = 9
C# = 7
CSS = 7
Lua = 5
PHP = 5
JS = 4

I just guess, maybe there's something I've never heard of in one of the languages. Who know :)

Facts about me
- I don't like speaking danish, I'd rather speak english.
- I love working with people, with the same interests.

Your PC? :
╠═► Motherboard: ASUS Z97-A
╠═► Processor: Intel Core i5 4690K
╠═► Graphics card: AMD Radeon R9 280x Toxic
╠═► RAM: 16GB DDR3
╠═► SSD: 500GB
╠═► HDD: 1TB + 4TB
╠═► System: Windows 7 (I don't think I'll ever change)
╠═► Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma
╠═► Mouse: Logitech G502
╠═► Headset: Razer Megalodon 7.1 (Worst I've ever had)
╠═► Microphone: Acutally pretty good, super old, nearly broken Logitech microphone.
╚═► Monitors: 3x 1080p (144Hz+144Hz+120Hz)

Main Computer:
╠PassMark Rating: ═►4906,8
CPU Mark ══════► 8613,3
2D Graphics Mark ═► 1006,1
3D Graphics Mark ═► 6110,3
Memory Mark ════► 2486,7
Disk Mark ══════► 5001,0

School Laptop:
╠PassMark Rating: ═►2154,6
CPU Mark ══════► 3957,4
2D Graphics Mark ═► 620,6
3D Graphics Mark ═► 823,6
Memory Mark ════► 1257,1
Disk Mark ══════► 2467,2

Thanks for visiting my profile, have a wonderful day!!
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