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Buckle up, as I'm about to tell you a tale of one of the greatest games of all time:

Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy is among the first games I ever played all the way back on my first PC when it came out. I remember dad coming home with the case and although some may call this game flawed story-wise and in its mission structure not exactly holding up all these years later, I fondly remember my first hour almost as if it was yesterday. The graphics were a huge step-up from the games I had played until then and I was amazed at witnessing that Star Wars intro I had grown to love so fondly in a game I had heard nothing about but praise from my friends. Immediately after the first cutscene, I was thrown in with a lightsaber in hand and it felt great! I couldn't wait to cut through some stormtroopers, even though I had no idea what the story was about, but that's what it was like back then. Not understanding English back in those days, I was all about the action. And boy, what a game to make you feel like a true jedi this turned out to be. Now that I'm older and have replayed it for about the 20th time (with a new pack of mods, but we'll get into that later), I can appreciate the complexity of the lightsaber combat even more than when I was a kid. Force management, and multiple ways to replay the game with an assortment of different force powers each time. Not to changing into two lightsabers or a dual lightsaber in the 3rd arc of the game, or keeping your trusty single saber from the start, now fully capable to handle any situation with all the saber styles at your disposal. That's what made this game feel like a joy to play, from start to finish, every single time I've replayed it so far (except for the mission where you collect parts for your ship which is a drag).

Let's get into the meat, that is the lightsaber combat. Like I said, Jedi Academy was my first Star Wars game on the PC and although I played Outcast and Dark Forces 1/2 later, I never managed to appreciate them as much as this one when I was younger. Now I see Outcast for the amazing cinematic story it provides with the right twists and a progression system that forces you to adapt to the situation, which I honestly prefer over Academy's skill points between missions. Though one thing Academy's got over Outcast where it counts is its last arc where it's all about fast duels with a multitude of bad guys and their cultist supporters with annoyingly strong force powers. Outcast never had that. Its level design and story may have been better, but Academy's combat shines in comparison. This is how you refine a system you developed in your last iteration and make it the spotlight of your game. Everything post-Vjun in this game is pure action and I love it every time I get to that part. The missions up to it feel like child's play when you actually think about it, but that's just how great the pacing is too. It doesn't make you feel to powerful right off the beginning, yet by the end, you don't feel overwhelmingly powerful either. Also, the music... John Williams' tracks from the movies. Could've used a few original pieces of work but, not complaining as this is what defines classic Star Wars.

The game has aged pretty well and is well-worth your $10 of investment for the ~6-7 hours of entertainment it should provide in a single run. However, let's address the elephant in the room. Yes, Disney now own Star Wars, and hence LucasArts is no more. That however benefited these older titles. Both Jedi Outcast and Academy have their source codes released to the public for personal use, which has given us some of the most amazing modifications that a game can have, keeping it still alive in the modding community to this day. I'm talking about the Serenity Engine, the Evolution of Combat. Among the most advanced mods for this game, bringing in a whole new feel to the long-time classic, in the form of manual parrying, new combat styles and animations, as well as reworked and rebalanced combat system. If you're not into trying new stuff, you may like some of the many mods at disposal all around the internet. I'd suggest into looking through moddb and most importantly http://jkhub.org (the definitive JK mods site since the filefront shutdown) to find some long-time favorites and fan-made side stories, or just expand your game with a few brand new models, animations or sabers. Some of my personal recommendations are Vengeance of the Sith (a really well-made mod that follows Mara Jade through the Jedi Knight universe with great pacing, difficulty and constant action in your face, and this came out in 2004!), Jedi Outcast Academy (JOA is a mod that ports the entire Jedi Outcast story into Academy's newer engine and allows you to switch between the two games on the fly. Really great if you have Outcast in your library and would rather play it with slightly better visuals and the new moves that JA brought to the formula. Though you need to OWN Jedi Outcast), the aforementioned Evolution of Combat (which is also getting a new version pretty soon), Movie Battles 2 and Movie Duels are Multiplayer and Singleplayer modifications, one of which is heavily-focused on teamwork and coordination, and is likely the most active among the Online community, and the other allows you to replay your favorite battles from the movies, and too many other mods to list.

Bottom point is, after playing through all of the games through my life, multiple times in fact, I can say for sure that this was a heck of a way to end the series! Amazing combat, great pacing, lovely modding community and an online component that's still active to this day. Don't trust the hours I have on Steam. This is a game that I keep coming back to on a yearly basis to replay or mess around in for a few days, which eventually grows into weeks, months, and wouldn't you know it, I haven't had this gem off my HDD ever since I installed my OS back in 2013. Truly a masterpiece, worth your $10. If you're into this sort of games and would like a more story-driven experience, get Outcast. And if you're feeling like you wanna try them both, go for it! The BEST Star Wars games on PC, along Republic Commando and Battlefront 2.

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