Mitchell   Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
" You see, you don't have to be crazy to do this, but it sincerely helps " - Bob Ross

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Some Moments

cl4y [beta]: okay but
cl4y [beta]: life would be awful
cl4y [beta]: if cumming wasnt a thing

H♥S mickey : #MitchleForCutest2k16

Doors: steam meesauseage alert!
Doors: ur gay nigg

`-shaayy0u: u

malazan : Your name is Mitch.
malazan : That level of homo is hard to surpass

Taswell ϟϟ: [] I don't know, I just got home and checked pol

Ralph: im gonna dontate to the dumb nigga association in your name

mitchle: what do i do lol
freelander: click

mitchle : wow you guys are horrible, want me to boost you to global after this game?
*DEAD* Tweety : fuck you

*DEAD* Devil!` : .... when I get money for auto,, this game is over.....

ShayVolta : Mitchle your so salty your kidneys might fail xD

*DEAD* Mitchle : wow you guys are horrible
*DEAD* Vexa : hacker
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Pro Gamer Abilities

Season 19 (steel)- Heart of Steel [] | Main spy 9-3 (3rd place)
Season 20 (silver) - 3k5 DPM [] | Main spy 3-5
Season 21 (plat) - Ok👌🏼 [] | Sub spy/all class sub 3-5


Season 23 (steel) - ErA [] | Main medic 6-2
Season 24 (silver) - ErA [] | Sub medic 1-1 [Disbanded LOL]

For Honor

Rank Top 30ish Lawbringer on PC [](rank # varys, but usually under 30) *Stats are based on the FHTracker Score*
FRT Stats []

- 1v1 Lost 1st round [] LB
- 2v2 Won 1st round, lost 2nd [] LB
- 1v1 Won 1st round, lost 2nd [] LB
- 1v1 Won 2nd round, lost 3rd []LB
- 1v1 Quaterfinalist [] LB

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LordofallPancakes Sep 9 @ 9:25pm 
I have my magnum condoms, my wad of hundreds, I'm ready to plow.
absolutely Sep 9 @ 5:51pm 
my favorite rapper of 2k18! go yung mitch! love your songs !
LordofallPancakes Aug 18 @ 8:24am 
If you rearrange the word CREST you get ANTHRAX.
spacepunk | TotH Aug 17 @ 3:24pm 
Finna nut in u mum casserole 🥘
GhOsT ♥ Aug 15 @ 10:03am 
hahahaha. why the fuck You lying? what did I scam You off? hahaha
you're so fucking stupid XDXDXDXDXDXD
GhOsT ♥ Aug 15 @ 9:57am 
You retarded or retarded?