Plz cumment on my profile before adding me.

Getting my shit together...

Will be back in 2022.

You might see me go on from time to time to play games, but don't go bugging me for your requests if so.

What I do:

- I port or make 3d models for Gmod or any of the HL2 games
- I can make/edit maps (I won't take requests, since people keep rushing me.)
- I know a little bit about lua. (Although I might stay away from lua, because my friend and I got into a lot of Gmod drama shit for defiling someone's code and adding cool new features to it.)
- I make shitty comics when I'm bored.

I won't be taking requests no more.

I might not have anymore free time so absolutely no more requests.


The GPD's Facebook Page
Instagram [www.instagram.com]
My Website

It's incase if you want to see progress on GPD or random stuff.

Favourite Quotes.

"Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning." - Erwin Rommel
"Let the red rose of blood bloom forth." - Marie Rose
"Sick sad little world we live in." - A TF:RE Extremist.

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Ceiling★Spiders Oct 12 @ 10:36pm 
Is it a request?
dewgod Oct 12 @ 10:26pm 
commenting about playermodels
GG THIS GAME IS TOO EZ Aug 31 @ 8:00pm 
Thanks! I Appreciate your work!
Ceiling★Spiders Aug 31 @ 7:57pm 
Do it then, I'll let you know if the addon goes through any updates and if it does. I'd recommend you to update your version too.
GG THIS GAME IS TOO EZ Aug 29 @ 2:04pm 
Fully understandable, I just wanted permission to upload it separate from the pack to save on download time for my server.
Ceiling★Spiders Aug 29 @ 1:07pm 
Ok, the only reason why I uploaded it as a pack rather than just an individual addon was because most characters share the same texture (the battle outfits) and since nobody reads descriptions I didn't want to upload a required shared texture pack and each character as a seperate download.