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✟ Yoosef ✟ Jul 31 @ 3:39pm 
Its common fact that Sonic is really fast but what about the speed of his? does it really effect his own life as well? well yes here's a theory; Sonic is also very fast in bed as well, that makes his relationships not long but... Fast.
samutrai Jul 31 @ 8:52am 
i was once G.E.W.P.
but their dint never learn or lisent, i tried hard to teach them.
but then i remeber something, that i never wasnt gibus engi. i was harmless spycrap, next lesson time, i killed them all.
so now, i joined to G.E.W.H.
now, im healing other G.E.W.H. to take down gibus engineers, their nests and G.E.W.P. with my strange professional killstreak australium medi gun.

join us, to tear down these monsters to save spycrabs.

this was a message from member of G.E.W.H.
m11xel Jul 30 @ 8:40am 
♥(G.N.R.L) Z(e)LPY♥ Jul 28 @ 4:21am 
Kaffibärinoissään!! :D
i'm asking for a favour
Mr.Paroni Jul 23 @ 2:02pm