I'm just a guy who talks like a crazy guy   Finland
!!Hello and Welcome!! Enjoy your stay!

I'm a horror game fan

I don't trade so much anymore so don't try to get something from me

Put a comment why you want to add me and NO PRIVATE PROFILES

I'm a Pyro main so… thats that

What i Like: Hoovys, nice people, Last Breath Pyros, (cus i think there is a Last Brath brother hood or something) good medics and having friends

What i Dislike: Mean people, tryhards, gibuses or Free 2 Plays and being lonely

Age: 12 and i act sometimes like i'm 14-15

I will laugh like a maniac sometimes

Relationship: not gonna happen, i think

Online: Playing TF2 or just chatting with friends

Offline: Sleeping, watching my IPad or something

Away: Idk. But dont send me messages when i'm away cus i cant see them

SFM poster list
(i can make it also a profile picture)

For close friends: Free

For friends:
2 ref = 1 Class'
3 ref = 2 Class'
5 ref = 3-4 Class'
7 ref = 5-8 Class'
8 ref = all 9 Class'

Aand thats all i need to say so… cya
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KilleTromato Mar 25 @ 2:54pm 
y u adding me nigga?
Jack.P Mar 9 @ 5:45am 
mun paras kaveri teki tän mulle
Onks tuo itse piirtämäs tuos profiilis? dats good m8. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sämpylän Kantapala Mar 6 @ 12:57am 
+rep hyvä tyyppi ja hauska pelata sen kanssa
Jack.P Mar 5 @ 10:57pm 
Thanks <3