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they should add easy, normal and hard mode to please the people then.
Originally posted by JohnJohn™Gamer®:
You can get it on sale on Fanatical if you don’t like the price.

60 dollars for a massive polished rpg is 100% worth it though so I don’t know why you’re complaining
I heard it took like 25 hours to beat.
how's it massive
6 hours ago
In topic Dark Forest Dungeon's Boss
Originally posted by Vance Finiraldi:
Is there a proper way to avoid its last ditch attack after its defeat? Or is it designed specifically to force an end to the current run? And the game does acknowledge that I still have the page piece, right? XD
I love you
can someone explain to me what the ♥♥♥♥ is going on? did he do a pewdepie?
9 hours ago
In topic MMMMM... I smell rpgmaker...
Originally posted by ZenithalLeague:
The title is supposed a joke while the article is not

I'm not that kind of idiot who brain-numbingly saying something is bad just because its made by "XXXX". Besides, one of the best game I've ever played in my personal ranking is actualy made by rpgmaker(no its not To the moon nor Lisa) so yeah obviously no prejudice from the start :P

Tbh I don't know if I actually go for your game or not but hope good luck!
Not being mean in anyway but I played for 5 minutes and won't touch this game again.
I mean, I was enticed by all the jobs to pick from but this reminds me 100% of
FF 1,3 and 5. I won't waste a refund since it was 3 bucks I would just get FF in all honesty... but if you wanna pseudo FF experience then get this for cheap.
Good luck on the sales tho lol.
20 hours ago
In topic Conny is a girl now?
Originally posted by Train Suplex:
Hange is the only one I can see having any kind of ambiguity since it's been a long running theme of his/her character being non-binary. (They use he and she equally for Hange and it's up to the viewer to decide for themselves).

Nanaba is female, but she was actually called a man in the manga at one point because she was androgynous.

As for Conny, that's gotta be a bad translation. Maybe, what is the line?
Conny sounds like a girls name so that's possibly why
21 hours ago
In topic Should I get this?
you can already tell it's vayne without even looking at their history LOL.
go get a job man. you too busy jerking off on these here forum's to get your life together
Mar 20 @ 5:28pm
In topic Help, I am unable to sign in to elsword
u r fkd
Mar 20 @ 5:27pm
In topic Does it have spoilers?
Mar 20 @ 5:24pm
In topic 70 bucks?!
it don't matter where ur from.
the game is expensive all across the board. they're higher than a kite for this price
Mar 20 @ 5:22pm
In topic Tyvm Steam
Originally posted by foxzero25:
Got it. Every person using steam must know by heart the exact ins and outs of steam.
you been here 10 years
u ain't got not excuse my dude lmao
Mar 20 @ 4:04pm
In topic Only buying for £54.99 if...
ikr lmao
Mar 19 @ 3:28pm
In topic Barret is not black!
Originally posted by Vincent♥:
Originally posted by ciaradesu:
its not nationality , its their skin color/race.
its not fair to have a character, who is originally a certain race, be changed to a completely different one, due to ignorance or some other insidious marketing scheme.
its obvious that the original barrett for ff7 is a dark skinned asian.
no seriously are you a troll?
no /s
glad I stopped playing months ago and have been bouncing back on and off for 2 years+ while being here since the beta.
game is sht, and has been sht for years. they dunno how to do fresh content and from the looks of it, it's a shity diadem without the gathering with a sht elemental wheel.
they also reuse the fate mechanic until we all barf the fk up. no one wants a boring mob mashing fk fest.

I'm sure a lot of people are disappointed considering eureka has been pushed back several times just to release this garbage. shame that the game is looking grim.
Mar 19 @ 1:49pm
In topic Barret is not black!
cloud deserves no one
dunno if anyone saw but it comes out March 27 for everyone
Mar 18 @ 7:57pm
In topic Story Mode
Originally posted by NoRedBlood:
Originally posted by Tekuian:
Yes. Dire Targets get unlocked once you cleared chapter 6's story mission. Which is a bit spoilery if you haven't read the manga but AoT 1 did the same so if anything consider it a teaser.

No problem, I'm not too much fan on the story really. I didn't follow the story after appearance of too many human titans, I'm really just here for the ODM and combat.
I lost interest of the series because of it.
I'm a titan, you're a titan, everyone's a titan! loses originality so ♥♥♥♥ it lol
Mar 18 @ 3:49pm
In topic Forgot steam account email
he ♥♥♥♥ed
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