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A pleasent surprise from Team Salvato

This was originally brought forward to me by a community that I lead as the game first started to maintain its now already impressive cult following, and at a first glance, and I'm sure this is the case from many others, I failed to see why originally. Yes it was free to play and free to play games on Steam have a tendancy to at least do moderately well and can lead an indie developer's career off on some great tracks if they choose to charge for their games in the future, but the sheer rate that this game was getting its now high reputation got me curious of what was so great about it. Heading in with only what was on the store page, I can tell you that I have probably received one of the biggest surprises that I've had while playing a video game.

I feel like this game is going to be hard to talk about because I feel like you will get much more enjoyment going into this knowing nothing like I did and for you to receive a truely memorable experience. But I am going to try to talk about it without revealing the big twist that comes to the game.

Now firstly, I want to state that I am not a big fan of visual novels. I don't mind them but a visual novel is incredibly lackluster in its gameplay as it is what it is, a visual novel. It's more reliant on its stroy and while I do enjoy games with a good story, I at least like some element of gameplay to go along with it, but I can get by on a visual novel, if it truely has a story worth telling, is something unique and is something that is delivered brilliantly. And reflecting on that, I'm going to start off by saying that if it wasn't for this game getting its cult following quickly, I would never have touched it as it presents it's self from the store page and the first third of its game as a sort of slice of life romance, so essentially your typical visual novel. But, that being said, that's what the game wants to present it's self as to you, and if you are extremely hesitant downloading this game because it looks like that, trust me, looks can be deceiving.

The main plot is centered on the main character (who you can name) who has a friend called Sayori who wants him to join a club as she fears that he is heading in towards a form of anti-social stage and fears for his future. Sayori points the main character towards the literature club, comprised of three other girls:

  1. Monika - The club leader
  2. Natsuki - A pretty assertive girl with a sour attitude but has a soft underlayer
  3. Yuri - An introvert that finds her true reality within the books that she reads

The first third of the game focuses on you trying to impress one of these girls, or you can try and maintain good relationships with all 4 of them, however at times it will be difficult to as the game presents some difficult scenarios where it does force you to take sides from time to time. One of the ways you can impress the girls is by writing poetry, which is the game's only form of gameplay occupant in which you're given a selection of different words and as you learn more about the characters and learn more about their personalities, these words will have positive effects on each of the characters, so if there is a specific girl that you're wanting to impress, you have to really pay attention to their likes/dislikes, personalities and attributes.

However, if that is not your taste, then all I'll say is do not worry, the other two thirds will probably satisfy you much more. I hate not being able to go much more into detail about it, but I feel like I will be taking one of the game's greatest factors and draws to play it away from it if I ruin the great surprise the game presents. All I am going to say is, that psychological horror tag is there for a reason.

The game's story, in case you haven't figured it out yet, is the game's biggest draw to me. It presents it's self as so innocent and so upbeat that the blow that it will deliver to you will probably make you remember this game for some time.

However, there are some elements of the story that present one of the few problems that I have with this game. There are a couple of scenes, more specifically in the last two thirds that I talked about that seem to drag on for a long time and much longer than is required. For example, while not going too deep into spoiler territory, there is a scene near the end of the game where there is an incident that leaves the main character staying at the school over the weekend, and through the course of this, there is this long wall of text in the game's text box that drags you on for a good long while, even if the skip function is used, you will probably be sitting there for a good two minutes worth of unnecessary text. I know that some people that have played the game will say that it adds towards the effect and atmosphere that is developed in the last two thirds, but the same way of presenting that same theme is used frequently in the last two thirds, that is the only time that it is dragged on and made me lose my patience a bit. Additionally it doesn't help that when in that one, you just have to sit there and do nothing, but in around ten minutes after that scene, another scene similar to it occurs where there is a seemingly infiinite conversation that is opened. When I was met with that second conversation, I was under the impression that I just had to sit there and sift through the text, where in reality, I did actually have to do something in that scene, and again, not to go too much into detail about the scene in particular, it's a scene where the way to solve it and continue onwards, the resolution isn't actually in the game per se, which is also a bit confusing as it is the only time in the game you have to actually do something like that.

The artwork is masterfully done. Every kind of atmosphere, every kind of emphasis that the art team wanted to make and create, they did it to great success, which most of you can probably tell just by the game's screenshots. Alongside this, the soundtrack is also brilliant, and has similar effect to that of the art


I can't emphasise this much more, I really enjoyed Doki Doki Literature Club on just about every level.The story is masterfully played out, so brilliantly told, so fantastically presented, and while also presenting something that most players won't be expecting too much. I'm not even too big of a visual novel fan keep in mind, so even if you aren't a big fan of visual novels, I would still recommend this game to you as a great starting point to sort of tease you into the genre. It doesn't give you the full package like other visual novels do, but that's what makes Doki Doki so unique and noteworthy in an, at times, over saturated genre.

Final verdict: 9/10

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