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Stuart Letford is gay   United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Some famous quotes:

-UA- Sir Satori*** : Meep u tryharding dick

Moot : meepy piss off with ur hacks

Rydo: Sir Meepy wtf was the stab your full of bs

Willow : Holy shit Sir how tf r u that good

Deez Big Ol Nutz : meepy any admins online

(Some guy i forgot name of): Piss off with ur face stabbing shit just cause you don't know that you also have gun doesn't mean u can go around face stabbing.

Sir Meepy: Satori....Ur Gay.

Sir Satori***: OK same cya pathetic noob soldier x)

SushiPaste: Sir Meepy is legit hacking

(TEAM) the monarch's pyramid : meep carries me again


KRISEK #JEBAĆKANAŁSUESKI : wow jimothy you are soo good at spy hope ill be like you

ruki.47 : dumbledore best player eu
filip193 : tryhard
dumbledore : :)

Jimothy: why did u add me
Monstrale: are you an alien?
Monstrale: honest question
Monstrale: that spy gameplay just now was pretty out of this world
Monstrale: just sayin

Memorable moments:

24.8.17: Sir MikeG tries to m1 STICKIES in a lobby
(a while ago): Sir MikeG gets headshot as charging towards a heavy

Some Info:

Favourite class : Solly :P
Favourite youtuber : Muselk
Best friend : MikeG
Favourite map : Pipeline
Class i find most fun : Spy
Person who insipred me to play spy : Lite/Klown

Some tf2 information:

HUD: ahud
Config: Comanglia's Config
Viewmodel: 110
Sensitivity: 6
Main: idk xp

I do make some artwork for fairly low prices
Sfm posters : 5 ref
Portrait like in profile PIC: 3 ref
Bulk artwork(e.g. 3 pieces): 7 ref

I understand if u don't want to trade with me as I'm marked a scammer but I do have a alt trading acc so if ur not comfortable with trading here let me know I'll send a offer through there.
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+rep Nice and patient trader :D
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Sure dude that's great
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+rep Noice dude and smort demo
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+rep awesome art work
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Great artwork for great price, very fast services, I definitely recommend :)