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I am a fighting game fan! yeet

Send me a trade offer if you want to
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I'm not a good turned-based strategy player tbh
Marth is the best Fire Emblem character!

I'll get better at tuned-based strategy games soon :^)

Facts about me

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Hobbies: Video games and sleeping

Fav game genres: FPS, fighting, puzzle (I only play Tetris), and turn-bases strategy games

Fav memes: Bwekfast, Ramon noodle cup in microwave kid, Rick Harrison, SlamJam, Michal Jorden, and Overwatch memes

I am a total weeb Ik pls no hate (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

I work with computers and I try to lean about them every single week

My Overwatch carrer overview []

My youtube chanel


Please Comment before adding me. I would not like a level 0 or/and private accounts. Do not spam game or friend invites. Do not ask to trade from my inventory, I'll ask whenever I'll trade form somthing that is valuable. You will get a block if you disobey the rules

That's all I have to say m8s

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The reason is that you seem to be pretty cool, nice interests and a quality friend picking sense ;)
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