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whoomp there it is Oct 8 @ 3:32am 
Poison Sep 26 @ 7:18am 
"Oh yh" :_)

Poison 27 Aug @ 10:55pm
hi im poison i dont lock my computer at lan.
|FaZe| jihadijohn1 Sep 16 @ 5:17pm 
Chef Sep 14 @ 4:24am 
Welp... since you didnt accept my friend request i might aswell just say it here Bro... i have no idea who you are, but an amazing friend of mine just told me that you insulted her in Tactical Intervention, if you have a problem with someone, just say it to their face, not hiding behind the fucking keyboard, you made her real sad, you know that, hope your happy with that you dick, she doesnt even know you, so why the fuck insult an innocent gamer who just wants to enjoy themselves, since you dont know her, you never know they could be, and you never know who some of their friends are and are capable of doing, they could be anyone to you bro, from a simple stranger, to a full-on criminal/hacker, i'd think twice about who you insult bro, i really would, or you just may get on the wrong side

Insult her 1 more time bro, and you may have a little problem on your hands -Nothing personal
that's not my son u dusty woman: big drugs big women big nut sack a lickin
Poison Aug 27 @ 2:55pm 
hi im poison i dont lock my computer at lan