Brokering for a friend! Goal: Sunbeams Milkman
Hi. I don't know what to put here.

I made a word. "Entrive". Verb. To entrive. The reading equivalent of bingewatching. I entrived 4 hours of my life today whilst reading the LOTR series.

You name a fandom, and I'm probably in it. Not a weeb or a brony.

I have 20/20 vision. I am not nearsighted, farsighted, but I am blind without glasses. I have diplopia, which is seeing double. Cross your eyes. I see that forever.

Used to play League of Legends. Rose to Diamond I. Don't ask me for my username. That's creepy. Just because I give you my status, doesn't mean its an open invitation to be my friend. Shaco nerf sucks. I miss old Poppy, Yorick, and Sion.

I'm an aries, a fortune-teller said tthat I was never going to find love, and I'm bisexual. All meaningless things, in my opinion.

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Pooks Aug 19 @ 7:12pm 
salt is part of the ingredients of life without we couldnt breath ketchup
Pooks Jul 31 @ 5:14pm 
a dick
BabyPhatPanda[] Jul 29 @ 5:31pm 
What's the difference between a Dictionary and Dicktionary.
Nitro Jul 28 @ 11:36am 

BabyPhatPanda[] Jul 17 @ 8:13pm 
Shhh, be very very quiet. I'm hunting for nudes.
Lancet The Crab Jul 2 @ 2:29pm 
+rep best admin on ss servers
Is a legit legend