MattJ. #Pray4Amby
Matt   Centre, France
Some kid online said I was better than MrPaladin
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Spy main and co-leader of UGCatz.

Mercing informations:


>Spy: Mid
>Medic: Open
>Pyro: Open


>Soldier (I'd prefer pocket): Open
>Medic: Open

Mileach Jorand: yas
Mileach Jorand: i airshot
Mileach Jorand: you headshot
Mileach Jorand: we carri
MattJ. /GO FRANCE: we win ez
MattJ. /GO FRANCE: poem
MattJ. /GO FRANCE: we da art class now

NexusCat /GO DENMARK: if italians talk with their hands how are they gonna call and play at the same time?

MattJ. #Pray4Amby: What art thy needs?
Bobsplosion: up for trade?
MattJ. #Pray4Amby: speak thy heart's desire
MattJ. #Pray4Amby: Thou cometh to my profile to exchange some deeds?
MattJ. #Pray4Amby: Thine*
Bobsplosion: dude
Bobsplosion: zzzz
Bobsplosion: hello
Bobsplosion: can we make a trade?\
MattJ. #Pray4Amby: Anon! watch thy behaviour, for I, MattJ, shall not tolerate any sort of inpunity
MattJ. #Pray4Amby: So, allow me to reiterate my demand
MattJ. #Pray4Amby: What is it that thou seekest?
Bobsplosion: ddue do you want to trade?
MattJ. #Pray4Amby: If it is wares that you seek, you may proceed to send a trade request
Bobsplosion: dude can i have your steam offer link first
MattJ. #Pray4Amby: Are we acquainted in any sort of way?
MattJ. #Pray4Amby: If not then thou shall consider showing me respect. I, MattJ, am no man's "dude".
Bobsplosion: fuck you
MattJ. #Pray4Amby: Art thou challenging me to a duel?
MattJ. #Pray4Amby: Willing to engage in skirmish with me, you naive infant?

~ T H E M O R E Y O U K N O W ~☆
The current owner of the WR for Life's speedrun is an unknown child who instantly got aborted.
#StopAbortion #Recognitionforthechampion

Oh and, did I ever tell you that I MAIN SOLDIER too?
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NexusCat /GO DENMARK Jun 11 @ 1:35pm 
Du kan selv være et tog
Papa Ata Jun 11 @ 7:18am 
-rep afk at a comp match fuck you
Carnage Jun 7 @ 12:10am 
Right I just shoot peeps in the forehead
Nawan May 29 @ 2:42pm 
y tho
MattJ. #Pray4Amby May 22 @ 1:26am 
I take 35, and then med escapes because lol hitreg (jk I suck)
Carnage May 22 @ 1:24am 
+rep doesnt take 30 minutes to get a med pick like stabby xD