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Early Access Review
The last few updates have introduced so many gamebreaking bugs it's hard to continue playing.

When the game mechanics are properly refined and the UI is fixed, this game will be playable - but for now, it's just frustrating.
Posted August 21.
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A nice original game with some great visuals and music. Although it can sometimes be hard to work out what to do (I had to use a guide at a couple points), this is definitely worth a play. The story is surprisingly well revealed through the 4 episodes in the game, which gave me the chills at the end. I hope to see more from this team!
Posted August 4. Last edited August 4.
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This is awesome! Definitely the next step in 3D modelling (although very basic at the moment).

I'd like to see the ability to import custom materials and existing 3D models in future, but for now, a great starting point and fun to try out!
Posted July 6.
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Got chills at the end in the elevator ride.

Controls are great and quality is superb. Attention to detail.

Very awesome experience, but needs to be longer! Would happily pay.
Posted February 26.
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A short but fun campaign with lots of replayability and an interesting backstory.
The level designs are great and the mechanics are easy to learn and the game introduces you to them slowly to help with it.
Posted November 23, 2016.
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Not quite Portal 3 but I'll take it.
Posted February 22, 2016.
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I was looking forward to this game, not only for the game itself but because of the mod support they mentioned before launch.

A month or so after launch and I am still very disappointed with the game for many reasons.

It is optimised so bad. I'm running on a very good spec computer (see my profile for my full specs) and with lowered settings I average at about 50fps, but it's not consistent, it drops all the time or shoots up high which makes it really hard to play. Also putting on vsync (which is a must for me because of screen tear) causes the game to lock at a low fps if I dip under 60 which is really annoying.

The game itself is just horrible to play. The car handling is awful and the physics system is completely broken, everything explodes for no reason and things will flip about and act completely unnaturally. If you tether two things together then pull them in they will flip into the air, and the effect is seemingly worsened if one car is on fire.

The NPCs are useless. I don't even know how to describe how bad they are but just watch gameplay, you'll see what I mean.

The voice acting I've experienced so far is not what I would expect from such a big title, it is very amateurish and doesn't sound like it's from a professional game, it's quite immersion breaking when the game itself looks so good.

Load times are insane. I'm running the game on an SSD to try and speed it up, but it still takes ages to start for the first time and load into the level. It's really annoying that when I actually can be bothered to try and get my money out of the game and put up with all the problems it has to play for an hour or so, I have to sit in loading screens for ages to get there.

Finally, there is no official mod support, at least that I've heard of, so I'm not sure what they were on about when they mentioned modding before launch. Were they just implying that they were making the files easy to crack into to modify? If that's the case then that isn't exactly official mod support, that's just making a game using common formats.

Please fix this game, it has such potential but at the moment it's a mess. I would really not recommend buying until it's fixed, if it ever is.
Posted February 3, 2016. Last edited February 3, 2016.
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Think I'm missing something.
I enjoy Jedi Academy so thought I would enjoy this, but to me the combat feels just like CS 1.6, which isn't necessarily bad, but isn't exactly great either. In my opinion Battlefront 2015 has way better mechanics than this even though it's not got as much content in terms of singleplayer.
I don't see why you'd still play this when there are far better games available (especially now official multiplayer is offline), perhaps I don't enjoy it as much because I don't have the nostalgia factor like most other reviewers seem to.
Posted January 31, 2016.
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What a waste of money. I only bought this game to get Kombat Pack 2.
A half decent port now it's been sorted out (apart from online lag), but there's no future DLC support.
Do not buy unless they decide to go back on their statement.
Posted January 21, 2016. Last edited January 21, 2016.
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I played The Park in an evening over Christmas and it was a great experience, just like being in an interactive movie.

I think that it could of done with some better musical cues to help dramatic scenes pay off, but on the whole it was very well done. In my opinion the ending didn't pay off as well as I think the developers were hoping it would, and it would of been nice to see it handled a little better with (again) better musical backing to try and really increase the tension and atmosphere. I'm sure some people would be happy with the current music arrangement though, it's a matter of personal choice I guess. It works pretty well.

The level design is pretty good and the effects are clever, there are also elements that add more to the backstory if you're interested in that. The story in general I think can be explored quite deeply, the ending has quite a twist which is somewhat predictable I guess, but well done anyway.

Why did I refund the game? Well to put it simply there was no replayability and I completed it in a very short amount of time. If there was a New Game + kind of option so you could play the game again but with a slightly different story, or even mod tools to create your own short horror experience then it would be a truly great game, but for me it was a little lacking in content. Still happy to give it a good review though as it was a fun experience while it lasted.
Posted January 14, 2016. Last edited January 14, 2016.
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