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Life is like a box of chocolate. Drop it and it's ruined. Also you will be called a dumb fuck.


Now here is some wisdom from the Wisdom Horse


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AFKForever Sep 4 @ 8:14am 
this is my mark to show that you are my property now
push4007 May 30 @ 11:51pm 
can u add me?
CookieGalaxy Apr 11 @ 7:56pm 
Lulu Best Poni <3
•●$K!LLЭR Apr 1 @ 1:05am 
Well bro. I just wanted to say thank you. You helped me a lot with this 10$. I made 600$ from it. Ofc i lost all of it because im a fcking idiot. Like always my greednes i too big to keep skins safe. I had knive 200$ on opskins ready to sell for real money. But when i lost my 400$ from inventory. I fcking took this knive from opskins and lose it on atse. I made a lot of profit that i could dream about before met you. Im so sad that this happened cuz i had plans for this 200$ opskins. I mean, buy better chair, headset and stuff. But you and all of gamblers know that is hard to cash out in right time. Now im askins myself why i couldnt cash out at 600$? Ive lost around 4700$ now on this gambling thing.Again.Thank you so much for that help. It was fun to bet with you at night :) This green snipes ofc...When i dont have money left anywhere, i will just stop with this gambling for a long time. Good luck for you bro. Dont lose your goodies, keep them, cuz its so sad when you lose all bro.
Bhop #OneTAP Mar 31 @ 9:30am 
76561198199183245 send maybe 100-200 coins on atse pls? :d
sksk... Mar 30 @ 10:34pm 
hey,can you add me?