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Kobby Apr 9 @ 4:53pm 
So there's a chick in my class I like; unfrotunately im quiet, calculated and intelligent and she likes big dumb jocks. So anyway one day me and her boyfriend are walking among a group of our fellow students when a gang banger appears and threatens with a gun. Her 'big and though' boyfriend instantly freezes and loses the ability to speak. I on the other hand squint my eyes and step forward pulling my katana for judo practise out in one fell swoop . "Go ahead" I say. "The gun is only 400 years old while the sword is the child of many millenia. Do you fancy the odds?" Instantly the gang-banger drops his weapon and runs. My other classmates cheer while her jock boyfriend pretends the whole thing was funny. She looks at me and sees what she didnt see before. She thanks me with a kiss, but I dont smile because i was only doing my duty. Safe to say she saw who a real man was that day. I may be quiet and collected, but raise a weapon against me and youll face your worst nightmare.
Kobby Mar 19 @ 8:27pm 
☪ You say Lady Gaga, I say Allah
☪ You say Miley Cyrus, I say Allah
☪ You say T-Pain, I say Allah
☪ You say Eminem, I say Allah
☪ You say Jonas Brother, I say Allah
☪ 92% of teens have turned to western degeneracy. If you are part of the 8% that still upholds the path of Islam, copy and paste this message to 5 other walls. DON'T LET THE SPIRIT OF ISLAM DIE!!!!!
katryna Jan 19 @ 12:30pm 
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tonshAPENIGGA Jan 10, 2016 @ 5:20pm 
Kobby Dec 30, 2015 @ 8:11pm 
Gay man here. I've seen a lot of dicks. There are a lot of ugly and weird looking dicks in the world. Guys with small dicks but bizarrely large balls. Guys with curved dicks. Guys with fat chubby short dicks. Guys with long pencil thin dicks.
Porn is like the Harry and David catalog of dicks. There's a lot of ugly pears that come off the tree and just get put in cans instead of gift boxes. You're only seeing the 10% of the world's best picture-perfect looking dicks. There's a lot of cocks out there that frankly just don't look that good.