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the sound of 12 accurately depicted pieces of shit

I am autistic.

21:51 - Rokki: should i throw ham on my cat
21:51 - ManeGunner6: ys
21:51 - ManeGunner6: yes
21:54 - Rokki: it has been done
21:54 - ManeGunner6: gg

If your name is [unassigned], you have a private profile and/or you are Level 0, then you will be treated like a phisher and subsequently blocked.

If I've given you something for a birthday or christmas or if I felt like it, don't be afraid to delete it, sell it or stick it up yer butt. A gift's a gift and once you have it, you're welcome to do whatever the hell you want with it.

22:26 - ホホホ|Angus3: I also read that the final boss in Rebirth is a goat
22:29 - ManeGunner6: That's satan :/


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ManeGunner6 20 hours ago 
Load Dropper, Regenerator, Berserker.
AkTep 22 hours ago 
What perks do you have
AkTep 22 hours ago 
Какие у тебя стоят перки?
Marvin May 29 @ 10:27am 
:) Enjoy it!
John May 26 @ 1:27pm 
whoa fkin hell manegunner6, its me zen from shoppa
☁️Soarin☁ Mar 31 @ 11:46am 
+Rep good trader, didn't give me any problems