Fading Memories
シューリーラム   Australia

Getting used to 300 ping
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Team Fortress 2
Sometimes When I Look At The Past I Smile, Why?
Competitive Experience:

AFC 6s:
AFC 10 Div 3 - Laughing Kills (Pyro)
*Met some amazing people love you guyz I'm not joking about the pyro part but looking back playing pyro changed who I am as dumb as it sounds. Would you rather be that insignificant subpar scout or a unique player?
AFC 11 Div 3 4th- Open Minds (Scout)
*First time I played comp 'properly'.
AFC 12 Div 3 TBD - Open Minds/bb pharren (Scout)

Asia HL:
UGC S20 9th-Kompany C (Pyro)
*My first hl team where I met some good friends
UGC S21 9th - Weebs in Disguise (Pyro)
*A team that I created with my friends which I will never forget.
UGC S22 7th (+5-8th Playoffs) - Weebs in Disguise (Pyro)
*The roster changed here and there but I am ultimately satisfied with how this team turned out.

OZF 6s:
OZF S20 TBD - Choo Choo Train (Scout)

ETF2L 6s wtf?:

I'm happy to merc as scout or pyro or anything else for your team anytime i'm available
Call me mance

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