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Hai! You're a random person who found me, or some friends checking my profile, welcome!~ :3
Clic on "More info", people I really love are here!

Erry: As you can see, it's my brother! He's the most important person I have (not only internet, more than just that), and nobody will be more than him. He also taught me ALL that I know in english! I love him with all my heart, forever, just like him to me!~

Shiny: He's my best friend! He was always here for me, to listen to me, and all. He never was rude to me, replying fast, and been nice all the time! He have a big place in my heart.

Kane: She's really special and important for me, it's the kindest person I have ever met! I really love and admire this person. Stay pawsome ma beeest!~

Daddy: ...

WIP (lazy)
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Rules / Stuff about me / RP :3
If you want to add me:

Rule 1: Talk with me, don't be like "Hi, how are you?" and never talk again, or it's kinda useless to add me, no?
Rule 2: It's obvious but, be nice, I will be back.
Rule 3: I won't accept privates profiles without a comment. (Or I will just ask you why)
Rule 4: Do not add me just for ERP or pet/mistress, thanks.
Rule 5: Am not here for a relationship.. >~>

- I would love a comment to know why you're adding me, but it's not necessary.
- My english is not at all perfect, I do a lot of lil typos, but I'm understandable, so don't worry.
- Know that I never ignore, if I'm not replying or suddenly gone, that means I had something to do or that am not here anymore.

About me:

Basic Info:
Age: 16
Gender: It's a weird question...
Birthday: January 12th
Nick: Maly

Furry fwends.
Chatting with friends. :3
Listening to music, espacially Trap and OST.
Having some petting []
Pixel Art! 0w0

"Anti Furry". I understand if you don't like furries, but insult them for free.. that's pointless. ô.o
Silent removes. You can leave a comment...
Meme person, I means.. it's okay, but not too much.

Important: I usually don't start conversations 'cause I'm shy to bother, so message me first and I'll reply as fast as I can! ^^


- Ask me first if you want to RP, don't randomly attack me! ;-;
- Can RP while I'm in game but might reply slow (or very slow).
- No "god-like" characters or i'll snipe your ass. >.> [BUTTSHOT!]
- I use ** for actions, () for whispering, and // for talking out of RP.

My Fursona:
Name: MalFurry
Specie's: Fox
Age: 16
Personality: Emotional, tries to avoid conflicts, kind, caring, curious, and always is polite.
Likes: Cookies, milk, pancakes!~ , hugs, cuddles, humans, etc.
Sensitive spots: Behind ears, belly, chest furball.
Clothes: Usually nothing, or a big shirt of her brother (too big for her :3).
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Ink Maly drawing by Erry <3
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That moment made me so sad... ;~;
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Erwin Jun 28 @ 3:17am 
Ok, i think I got it x3
Lil' MalFurry // Exam Jun 28 @ 3:15am 
*pokes Erry's nose* ;3
Erwin Jun 28 @ 3:12am 
*pokes his nose* I don't get it .-.
Lil' MalFurry // Exam Jun 28 @ 3:07am 
*pokes your nose* >:3
𝒂𝒌𝒊𝒘𝒊ღ Jun 28 @ 2:51am 
*boops* 💚
Lil' MalFurry // Exam Jun 26 @ 1:38pm