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Paulo! 1月24日下午2:15 
Right in the...
MrPillow 2017年11月20日上午10:18 
Is there a character that could possibly EVEN TOUCH Madara Uchiha? Let alone defeat him. And I'm not talking about Edo Tensei Uchiha Madara. I'm not talking about Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara either. Hell, I'm not even talking about Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan doujutsus (with the rikodou abilities and being capable of both Amateratsu and Tsukuyomi genjutsu), equipped with his Gunbai, a perfect Susano'o, control of the juubi and Gedou Mazou, with Hashirama Senju's DNA implanted in him so he has mokuton kekkei genkai and can perform yin yang release ninjutsu while being an expert in kenjutsu and taijutsu.
[COLOUR:red]Jas 2017年9月26日上午10:46 
19:01 - ¥o!o: I'll be there soon
[COLOUR:red]Jas 2017年9月12日上午3:30 
Sup im jelly ex master league player and one of top nauts players and youtuber
groups for fun and trash talking my stupid ass ˇ
Fils 👿 2017年9月5日上午2:58 
SecHeR_ 2017年7月14日下午12:41