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Good meme
This hatred 😡of Mercator 🗺 is stupid. 😤 Y'all 🙌 are just being contrarian 🙅and difficult😠. Mercator 🗺preserves 👍 shape, 🔵 which in a map 🗺 is a lot ‼️more important ‼️than size 🍆 - you need to know 👨‍🏫 how to get 🚤somewhere, 🗺 not 🙅how long 🕖it'll take to get somewhere. 🗺It only ‼️significantly 🙄distorts size at the extreme ❕north 🔝and south 🔚of the map, 🗺the areas that no one 👤lives in. 🏘 The angles 📐on the Mercator 🗺are the same 👥as the angles 📐in real life, 👫making it the best 💯for navigation, 🛬 that's why Google Maps 🗺 and all online 👨‍💻maps use it. And aesthetically, 👁 it looks 👀great, 💯And so what if it doesn't accurately represent the size of some countries? 🙄☝️You could explain 👩‍🏫the difficulty 😬in representing a sphere on a 2D surface to a 6-year old. 👶All these new projections 🗺are just a shite🚮attempt at keeping cartography relevant 🆒 in a time 🕔where the entire world 🌎 has been mapped 🗺 already.

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