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It may say a hundred or so hours for Star Wars: Battlefront II, but in reality, its hundreds or maybe even thousands more on a console version of it. Yes it is that good; if you don't have it I suggest you do.

One thing I get really ticked about is when people think they are gun experts just because they played video games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. 'Yeah, I know what an AK47 is.' Do you know: 1. the caliber? 2. the firing mechanism? 3. what its design was based on?
1. 7.62x39mm
2. Gas-operated rotating bolt
3. The German WWII Sturmgewehr 44

Why do some people want to take away our guns? It violates the second ammendment of the US Constitution, and it makes us unable to protect our life, liberty, and our pursuits of happiness. If people relied solely on police to help, they would have to wait a few minutes for help to arrive.... and hope they find you alive. For all the crazed shootings out there.... the average deaths per shooting with police intervening and helping is about 14-15, while the average for shootings where civilians defend themselves..... is only about 2. ALSO... people who are going to kill people will still get the guns somehow. The guns that are used to kill people with that is NOT for self defence are RARELY liscened to the person firing it.
Good ol' Ted.

Alright, I'm not an expert about firearms, I just know alot about them. For example, the futuristic XM307 is a 25mm grenade launcher that uses a barrel system to DRASTICALLY reduce recoil, and also uses a newly-developed airburst grenade to take out targets behind cover without destroying the cover. It can also be converted to a .50 BMG machine gun, called the XM312, in under two minutes. Because of its minimal recoil, it is made using lightweight polymers, making the total weight to a mere 50 pounds. It was developed to replace the long-used Browning M2 heavy machine gun (LITTERALLY heavy), but was cut due to its slow fire rate.

Also, this is just one gun (technically two, but overall just one), and I know more about other guns, such as the Smith and Wesson Model 500 or the Barrett M107, or the Browning Hi-Power, or the Ruger GP100.
And if you ask what one of my favorite guns, heres a picture: Barrett M82A2 - shoulder mounted bullpup variant of the "Light Fifty" []

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This is probably one of the best moments of BF2 I've ever had. Gunning down droids while planting Orbital Strike beacons.

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