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Silent Hill

Explore the Graveyard.

Flags by the water

Find the old outpost by the river.

The Tower

Visit the Tower.

The Railroads

Visit the railroad and the train wreck.

Warming up

Wake up on the Island.

That's an old bridge

Cross the wooden bridge.


Visit the ruins.

Lion's Roar

Magic under the Roar.

Inside the Gorge

Find the Gorge.


Remember her neck tattoo.

Mayday Mayday

Explore the Radio Station.

Ancient Maze

Explore the maze.


Explore the Church.


Swords and Skulls.

Grave by the maze

Find the grave of the Fallen.

Vlad the Impaler

Red tree inside the Pit?

Fallen Knights

Explore the tombstones.

Coal Mine

Explore the wrecked coal mine.


Explore the wooden windmills.

Corn Field

Explore the corn field.


Walk under the waterfall.

Fisherman Boats

Explore the boats by the shore.

Uphill mine

Explore the mine that goes on top of the mountain.

Under the Bridge

Find the hidden passage.