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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 7:35am

Part 1

Begin Part One.
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 7:38am

Part 2

Begin Part Two.


Complete Ransome's Flashback.

Out Of The Will

Complete Delores's Flashback.

Part 3

Begin Part Three.

Secret Meeting

Complete Franklin's Flashback.


Catch the killer.

Part 4

Begin Part Four.

Sky High

Get an alive character into the Hotel penthouse.

Part 5

Begin Part Five.

Easy Win

Complete the game in casual mode.

Hard Won

Complete the game in hard mode.

Great Escape

Escape from the sewers.

Dust Appreciator

Collect 25 specks of dust.
0 / 25

Book Worm

Read 100 books in the library.
0 / 100

Well Informed

Read all the Thimbleweed Nickel newspapers.
0 / 17

Hotel Tourist

Visited every floor in the hotel.
0 / 10

Dust Collector

Collect 50 specks of dust.
0 / 50

No One Is Home

Listen to 100 Voicemail messages.
0 / 100

Mean Person

Make everyone cry about their life.
0 / 5

Dust Hoarder

Collected 75 specks of dust.
0 / 75

Messy World

Didn't pick up any specks of dust.

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