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1. Don't add me just to trade, cause I got nothin to trade
2. Say hello every once and a while! I mean, is it really that hard to do a simple "Hello"?
3. I love to (E)RP, so if you want to add me, especially to (E)RP, tell me! (All vore welcomed as well)
4. Nu hate for MLP or Changelings, pwease?
5. Don't just randomly start a ERP without asking me.. - Actually you can

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1. Highlight the above
2. Press CTRL+F
3. Press 9.

OC INFO (aka a character I made)

(Roleplaying Characters duh)


Species - Chrysalis Variant Changeling

Gender - Mare

Age - Unknown

Note - Most changelings would be slightly under 4 feet, whereas Lunar would be around two and a half feet, being smaller than other changelings.

Personality - Very unstable, tends to go from very hyper to very tired, etc... Unpredictable unless you know Lunar well enough (which isn't hard). Also, very, how should I say this? You can easilly tell Lunar what to do, and Lunar will probably do it. There again, just like me, Lunar is very submissive.

Sexuality - Bi / Pan

Fetishes / Kinks - Like, everything.. Everything from pain, being ate, being put places, forced to do stuff, to being a pet or slave. Pretty much, any kink or fetish you can think of, Lunar most likely likes, you might as well do it.


Name - Error Loading Name

Species - Human, wish I was a changeling

Gender - Male

Age - Earn it... I'll tell you this.. Birthday is May 8th

Sexualality - Error 404; This webpage does not exist.

Notes - I have Lunar's personality. I've developed it over time from roleplaying so much, that, well, my personality has actually changed to accomodate.

Good Ass Songs!!

Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name
Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer
Survivor - Eye Of Ze Tiger
Bon Jovi - Runaway
Europe - Ze Final Countdown
Van Halen - JUUUUUMP!!!
Boz Scaggs - Lido Shuffle

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I want to cum inside lunar, dragonfox, and silver.
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ya just booped :3
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o//3//o I love boops~
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Hai~! You seem nice :3
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boop ze changling <3