Ripica/Mayu/Pocchi   Mexico, Mexico
I'm rotting away as i neglect myself.
I'm not feeling okay but im living.
I'm smiling ever so faintly
I dont have anything but i keep a little-bit of expectation alive.
All lumped together haphazardly. My future

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Asura can't be defeated, at least, not for long. His power is tied to his anger, his wrath. The more it grows, raging inside him, the stronger he becomes. Even in death, his rage won't let him rest. He spurs on, his power so great it even defies the cold hand of death itself, returning to life with his wrath burning hotter than ever, and power never before witnessed. Not even god could stand in his way. Yet through all the anger, hate and wrath flowing through him, Asura is a force for good. A voice and weapon of innocence and justice. Even though he wished not to be worshipped so, he is a true god unlike any other

dead385: I really like how you're switching between an ironic memer persona
dead385: but keep breaking up and showing your true face
dead385: it's alright man
dead385: you're gonna be fine

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