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Luis is my 3rd Rottweiler dog. He is the (step)brother of Jango and Giegy who both unfortunately past away
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mechslayerone Jun 20 @ 1:44pm 
Respect for the name man, E-dubble will live on
Wyvyrias Apr 17 @ 1:11pm 
Respect that you still can believe in Rob. Given that he doesn't care about his customers and just lies to them, you sure must love Executive Assault.
Sail 'em Mar 26 @ 12:23pm 
Hey Luis, I found another few of your questions on my profile so I will try to answer them as quick as I can!

In the last post I made, I said that you have to have a hackerbot which has to be researched in the SpecOps area then produced at the Robot Factory. When an Enemy disables the cooling of your reactor only the CEO can disable it, it gives the CEO a reason to physically leave his chair like Rob stated before :) (Although before going to the reactor I would advise placing some troops in the hallways in order just in case if it was a trap.) When an Enemy triggers your alarm in your Robot factory it should be able to turn off automatically. (If its the trip wire or the movement sensors then that should be able to turn off automatically. If its trying to activate the production then Idk, because I haven't encountered that before.)

As always reply anytime.
Sail 'em Mar 25 @ 9:45pm 
If you have anything else that still confuses you, please contact me. I will be willing to help at any time! Thanks.
Sail 'em Mar 25 @ 9:43pm 
Hey Luis, I couldn't fit this into the last post so here is another one.

"It's Amazing that every aspect of this game can still be improved and can still be stuffed with features! I mean all those chair in the Security control room must be used for something right?"

Correct, they might be used for some future update or that they could be just for decoration.
Sail 'em Mar 25 @ 9:43pm 
Hey Luis, another few Answers for the questions you left on my profile.
"What I meant on my question about the Self Destruct Button was; How do you use the button in the enemy AI's HQ? When I press my HQ's button it works fine, but when I try to press the button in the Enemy AI HQ, it does not work, the little wooden panel does not open,
(I have not tried this in an enemy human base though, tell my if you can do so in the enemy base of another player)."
I believe if you can't access it on an enemy HQ then try it with a hacker bot in the Spec Ops Section, they are the only ones I believe can do it at this time. For me I did it with out it and still managed to self destruct their tower and Power generator but if it doesn't work for you then try the Hacker bot.