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Hey, it's me, Lucky Shot, your friendly and polite trader. Read the RULES below BEFORE adding me. I delete comments that are not rep related!
Please, check my BLACKLIST here and don't trade with these people:
1) 27cm™ | SQL Server 2016
2) Toninas demented?
3) DingleFluff
4) Mushgo
5) OriveTM
6) qm
7) Nachozxo
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If you don't see it here, then I'm not buying/selling it, so don't send me irrelevant offers!

My trading link is:
WARNING: Read the rules below before sending me a trade offer or adding me. I detest beggars or people sending completely irrelevant offers.
My Trading Rules
1) Politeness with me is strongly advised. I do not appreciate rudeness and I will take extreme measures if you are acting rudely.
2) When I say that a game's price is not negotiable, it means that THE PRICE IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!
3) When I want to trade untradable gifts, I'll ask you to go first. If you don't want to go first, then just don't add me! It's not that hard, is it?
4) I'm not an idiot to click a chat link, so don't even think of adding me, if you intend to scam me!
5) I'll never act rudely to you, except if you were acting rudely to me. So, never accuse me of rudeness, because this means you acted rudely first.
6) Patience is a virtue. Give me a moment to answer and don't rush to delete me if it is taking me some minutes to answer.
7) I don't accept friend requests from private profiles, because they're mostly phishing bots. So, either make your profile public or comment on my trade post, otherwise I won't accept your friend request.
8) SERIOUS WARNING: When you agree that I need to reserve a steam gift for you until it becomes tradable or until your keys become tradable, do NOT change your mind after that, because when you agree to reserve this steam gift, then the deal is final! You made me bought the game for you, so you must understand that if you will cancel the deal, then I will have a financial loss. I am pretty serious about this rule and there will be consequences if you won't honor our deal. I'm sorry, but I'm pretty fed up with all these people that make me buy a game and then they change their mind.
9) Things I consider rude:
a) Deleting me unreasonably during a trade discussion. Do you find it hard to explain why? Don't worry, I won't report you for this, but I am really considering this rude.
b) Foul language. I don't mind the friendly use of foul language, but if you'll use foul language to offend me, then you really chose the wrong person to do this. I will, sadly, take extreme measures against you.
c) "Alien" language. Most people's mother language isn't English (neither is mine), so I don't mind grammatical errors. But please, I don't really like talking with people that can only say derp, lol, 420 blaze it, noscope, etc. I'm pretty sure that we can make a funny conversation, even without referring to these words. Don't worry, I won't report you for this, but I am really considering this rude.
d) Scamming and phishing are obviously considered as a reason to report you.
e) Begging. I hate beggars. I would easily give money or food to a person in need, but begging for a game is just too stupid and rude. Some people don't even have some food to eat and you dare to beg for games? You are as much of a lowlife as scammers and phishers are. You shouldn't even be allowed to have a steam account. I will report you if you are begging persistently.
f) Don't hate me because you didn't like my offer. My offers are never too expensive, but if you don't like my offer, this doesn't mean you have the right to hate me and act rudely. I will report you if you will act rudely.
g) Irrelevant or extremely low offers. I never asked for this trade, so why are you even doing a trade offer? Also, when I'm asking, for example, 3 keys, don't send me a copy of Gun Monkeys. I won't report you for this, except if you are sending silly trade offers repeatedly.

IF YOU READ all of these things that I wrote, then I'm really thankful, and I'm sorry if you wasted your time to read this. Now you can add me and make a trade offer.
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+Rep Fast and cheap trade! Definitely will purchase from again!
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