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Since my gametime (off Steam hitting around 10k) is ridiculously high i figured i'd give an in-depth review of the game both on a leveling and end game basis for both new players and potential returning players as well.

This review will be done on a positive/indifferent/negative basis.


+ Class variation and static roles: . You play as a Minstrel, you'll be healing. You play as a Guardian, you'll be tanking etc. Some classes such as Beornings and RKs can do multiple jobs, but the game follows the old school MMO system (as expected given its age). Over 9 classes to choose from all with unique roles both end game and unique abilities and playstyles while leveing and questing.

+ Graphics: The game graphically has aged like fine wine and is still appealing to the eye, especially in the more recently released zones. The revamped zones in low level areas and the new regions in Gondor are more up to date and places such as North Ithilien are breahtaking. The artstyle that LOTRO offers fits the game perfectly.

+ The Main Story: The overarching plot is fantastic at least in Volume 1 + 4, with Volume 2 being good and Volume 3 being 'okay'. There are currently 4 volumes (the latter still underway).

+ Music/OST: This has always been top notch and they've done a great job, especially in places such as Moria, Angmar, Rohan & Gondor to truly capture Tolkiens works in the flesh through the music that is played while venturing around.

+ The Lore: This is without doubt the closest to the literature source you can find in game or video form. Fantastic job in sticking and expanding upon Tolkiens works.

+ F2P: I could go on about this for hours but looking at it from the perspective of a new player, and the ability to buy the content with in-game currency and not pay a single penny (Unless you want to PvP) is pretty astounding. Naturally it's grindy as hell but it's free, so you can't really complain.

+ Raiding: At the time of this review there is plenty of end game content to keep you busy, some more difficult than others that require a kinship (Guild), voice communication as well as understanding the instance and your class respectively.

+ Landscapes/Open World: This speaks for itself. LOTRO is huge, and the atmosphere and immersion in some locations is phenomonal. Places such as Moria, Lothlorien, Minas Tirith, Mirkwood etc really stand out as the pinnacle of world building in this game.

Indifferent Points:

=Optimization: Game crashes are a thing as is lag, especially in highly populated zones. Can be game/immersion breaking.

= PvMP: PvMP (Player vs Monster Player) has so many positives but also a few negatives (as well as lack of any development pretty much since its release from the Developers in 10 years except for attempted balances between classes). The skill level for PvP is insane and that makes it both fun and enjoyable. If you enjoy a challenge PvP is definetly the hardest part of the game to play well. There are plenty of great and friendly players in PvP on both sides, but also a very negative and childish community that ruins it which can potentially make you lose interest if you don't learn to ignore the chat. That's PvP for you. There are, as in many MMOs 'flavour of the month classes' that are OP with updates, the only issue is that given how small Standing Stones team are and the lack of monthly updates (Updates are released less frequently than in bigger MMOs such as ESO, FFXIV, WoW etc) it's an on going dilemma.

= Developer Interaction: This isn't really a positive or negative but in comparison to how the game used to be (under Codemasters in Europe) when developers and GameMasters used to interact with the community very frequently, the lack of actual interaction between players and the Dev Team (outside of the Community Manager through Twitch & Forums) leaves room for improvement and more engagement. Despite this in recent months this has improved slightly, so hopefully we'll see more involvement from the team with in-game events in the future.

= Roleplaying: I'm not someone who roleplays in LOTRO so i can't offer much feedback on this. The community is, for the most part really friendly and welcoming and there are servers specifically for Roleplaying, so it must be good!.

=Crafting: Crafting is something, in most MMOs (with the exception of ESO) that i've never really enjoyed. I don't mind crafting in LOTRO when i need too but i don't take any particular pleasure in doing it.. If you enjoy crafting in other MMOs you'l likely enjoy it in this game as it has many viable purposes (from leveling gear, to consumables to end game relics). It's also part of questing as many of the crafing items you need can be found while playing and leveling through the game in each area. I'd stick this as a positive except it honestly isn't anything overly special that stands out. It's just 'there'.


- End Game Grind: While people seem to enjoy leveling alts (and while you can skip it with Valar upgrades to boost your character, bearing in mind you'll have to go back and do your deeds and learn your class anyway so it's pointless) you will pretty much have to go through the exact same content again from 1-105. While you can level in certain different areas for some levels you will have to venture through Moria, Rohan, Gondor on multiple toons. The issue isn't so much leveling (which is fun) but the grind you need to achieve a playable character for end game content. I could write an entire paragraph detailing how bad grinding to be 'raid ready' is (in an effort by Devs to keep people in game between major updates i assume) if people want an overview, but in a nutshell you have to; Obtain 83 Class Points, Get around 10+ Virtue Traits to level 20 Each. You'll have to level, upgrade, reequip and grind items for your legendary weapons. You'll have to grind essences and then craft them by obtaining crafting items from many different sources through grinding them to get the required essences you want, and even then you aren't guaranteed the best essences.

^ If Standing Stones made this less grindy (especially the essence and legendary item grind) for ALT characters, it would make the end game grind more approachable for people to do it more than once without making it feel like a chore.

- Class Development: In a nutshell; Beornings were released and are a broken mess and have been with only one patch since they were released. An introduction to a new race/class and little changes shows a lack of care, at least in my eyes for the finished product or player feedback. I haven't seen a new skill (or ability) on my main class in years. What happened?! Further more there are now MANY useless skills on multiple classes that haven't been made viable or addressed in years. This also goes for legendary legacies on legendary weapons. An example on Loremaster (My Main) is; Gust of Wind on Loremaster. Completely pointless. Ents go to War is no longer as viable as it used to be and Natures Fury is pretty much pointless as well in class rotations except for its pretty animations.

- Side Quests/Missions: This is more nitpicking but the sidequests in LOTRO (There are exceptions) are.....typical MMO fetch or kill quests. While some of the side quests have interesting stories and background with the lore, nothing has ever really stood out when questing in LOTRO outside of the Main Quest and stories. The actual stories that go along with the quests have improved considerablly since release, so perhaps i'm being abit harsh here. Despite this if you've played through Minas Tirth and done the questchain there, you'll know where i'm coming from when i say it's far from enjoyable at times. It has its ups and downs..

- Mounted Combat: Speaks for itself. It wasn't asked for and hasn't been used since Rohan effectively or at all outside of a couple of scenarios.

Recommended :)! Thanks for reading
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