Lord Protector Tiberius
Tiberius   Poole, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
You maintain one eye on the present, and one eye on the past: this makes you blind to the future, and thus the present, and past.
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Shades of the Same Rose
Those that soar upon clear winds and clean skies,
Know little of the struggles from everyday cries,
There exists much to do and so little time to,
We do what we can to maintain the disguise.

I toil and I work until I do so no more,
You race past with such joy and nary a chore,
Yet I sit quiet, content, and never lament,
To dare not lest it cause a fantastic uproar.

I would give all that I have to only acquire,
The form of warm justice I so deeply desire,
A family forgotten from one 'twas begotten,
A child thus doomed from the birth to red-pyre.

And now there you sit, dishevelled and lost,
I expect you to come and deeply accost,
But this voice is so light for the being of spite,
A lady far kinder that those before crossed.

With every job and small task you come flying with glee,
And soon make the promise to come flying with me,
My heart finds its place within fabric and lace,
You deign us just equals and straighten my knee.

I see the World now from this lofty perch high,
You see the World now through a grim little eye,
Each in turn to all ends we fight as true friends,
We soar though the night and now never ask why.
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I am pretty sure joining that type of group will get one blacklisted from shops, schools, art galleries, and most national monuments.

Sigh me up.