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I just so happen to be fluent in Dumbass.

I play StarCraft: Remastered and TF2. Alot.
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๖ۣۜConcept: you seem like you like memes
Sudden Nuts: mems are dank and I'm also dank
Sudden Nuts: So ye
๖ۣۜConcept: excellent
Sudden Nuts: Ahhhhhh helllll yeeeeeeee
Sudden Nuts: I'm in love with the damn train CJ
๖ۣۜConcept: Smoke is love, Smoke is life
Sudden Nuts: Hell ye


The Bird Excalibur: kappa
๖ۣۜConcept: who tf r u
The Bird Excalibur: u wot
๖ۣۜConcept: w0t m8
The Bird Excalibur: u f0ken wut
๖ۣۜConcept: sit dwn dickhead
The Bird Excalibur: 0riginal m3me 10/10
๖ۣۜConcept: u dont even no where its frm fgt
The Bird Excalibur: gr8 m8
๖ۣۜConcept: 0r1g1n4l m3m3*
The Bird Excalibur: m9, you gona try the new cancerwatch event?
๖ۣۜConcept: nope
The Bird Excalibur: the games really fucking dead
๖ۣۜConcept: good
The Bird Excalibur: not tf2 dead but... just full of normie level scum


๖ۣۜConcept: why do even like that fgt-fesst game
๖ۣۜConcept: werfrema iz 4 fgtz
The Bird Excalibur: mad cuz no work 4 u\
๖ۣۜConcept: no
๖ۣۜConcept: iz 4 dum fgtz lik u
The Bird Excalibur: u wot m8
๖ۣۜConcept: m8
๖ۣۜConcept: il fuk u up
๖ۣۜConcept: fite me 1v1 roblox
๖ۣۜConcept: il rekt u
The Bird Excalibur: no 1v1 me club penguin skreb
๖ۣۜConcept: klub pengu iz ded skrab
The Bird Excalibur: ik skreb, 1v1 me on private server
๖ۣۜConcept: u w0t
๖ۣۜConcept: m8
๖ۣۜConcept: reblex iz muc muc betr gaem thn fgt pengu
The Bird Excalibur: TREIGGERED
๖ۣۜConcept: A C T I V A T E D


๖ۣۜConcept: meh
๖ۣۜConcept: OKAY
๖ۣۜConcept: I GET IT
๖ۣۜConcept: IT'S OKAY
๖ۣۜConcept: WE KNOW YOU SUCK
Jack Burton: quit yelling
๖ۣۜConcept: what a nerd
Jack Burton: sentive much?
๖ۣۜConcept: thinks that caps is yelling


The Bird Excalibur: omfg
๖ۣۜConcept: wat
The Bird Excalibur: you can get a battlenet key for destiny on humble bundle
๖ۣۜConcept: ik
The Bird Excalibur: i havent been on the launcher in so long that i didnt notice
๖ۣۜConcept: lol
๖ۣۜConcept: wat r u gonna play cancerwatch
The Bird Excalibur: nah
The Bird Excalibur: ONLY if they give us permenent lucio ball
๖ۣۜConcept: lol
๖ۣۜConcept: never gonna happen
The Bird Excalibur: yup


๖ۣۜConcept: have you even played that game
Ævalen: ive watched it
๖ۣۜConcept: how pathetic
Ævalen: im sorry because im not a rich white boi
๖ۣۜConcept: yeah you should be
๖ۣۜConcept: white is the ultimate race
Ævalen: no
๖ۣۜConcept: yes
Ævalen: niggers are taking over the world
Ævalen: its a new trend
๖ۣۜConcept: what
Ævalen: black muslim isis are taking over
๖ۣۜConcept: impossible
๖ۣۜConcept: no race is greater than white
๖ۣۜConcept: how could this be happening
Ævalen: keep dreaming
Ævalen: africa is gaining power
๖ۣۜConcept: no way
๖ۣۜConcept: africa is a fourth world continent
Ævalen: truth is
Ævalen: they're black
Ævalen: because sun has been giving them power all these years
๖ۣۜConcept: they can run
๖ۣۜConcept: but they can't hide from the true godly race
Ævalen: we shall see
๖ۣۜConcept: indeed

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owo whats this
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this is a meme-free zone, sir
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420 blaze sum weeds fggt you wont pussi no balls
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-rep penalty for being a lazy fukboi