Albert Dickinson   Illinois, United States
The Dickinson family name has been around for decades searching back to prince penial the first.

I main Medic with about 2000 hours of experience and 1 experience in iron UGC and 1 in ETF2L both were me as medic

I am now learning to play Solly more so if you have any tips i would like to hear them out.

Tags of things ive been part of:

≡|UGT|≡ = UnderGround Trading
-=GHS=- = ggodds hells servers
={HU}= = horns unite
[Lazy] = lazy purple
.TPD = Tuefort P.D.
.DW= Divine Wind

the horns unite thing is a joke from a gmod racing server when we were joking about homies unite (slyfox subscribers)

and now to jhaller2 ( http://www.twitch.tv/jhaller2 or https://www.youtube.com/user/jhaller2 ) im the classy mother fucker
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Clicker Heroes
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Mr. Money Bags
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243 hrs on record
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Minuano Apr 6 @ 6:07pm 
This guy is super duper cool.
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🚗🌞 Jan 29 @ 7:42am 
noturious nig
Yare Yare Dawa Jan 26 @ 9:24am 
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