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I port Garrysmod vehicles

I'm nice really, but if you ask a stupid question don't be surprised if you get ignored or get a shitty answer because I've been asked the same thing 10000 times over and it drags after a while.

No I dont do commisions, please dont ask.

I dont normally accept friend requests from people I dont know.

I'll try to answer comments as long as they aren't stupid or a request. If you have a bug report some detail or a picture would really help.

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BOSS_ECLA1R 8 hours ago 
А транспорт не работает с Vkmod что делать?
i have question also
dustin1232009 Mar 20 @ 4:02pm 
hello i have a question for u when u have time thx
Zorgi4 Mar 17 @ 5:37am 
[DG] PrIvIlege Mar 11 @ 3:22pm 
Hello, I am just adding you for a couple reasons regarding your vehicles you create, would be awesome if you could get back to me.
mcblyat large Mar 11 @ 11:27am 
reason for add: some questions regarding your vehicles