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Ben   Oregon, United States
Just a guy who likes to play video games, and overall be a person

Favorite Games: Team Fortress 2, Don't Starve Together, Hotline Miami 1 & 2, & Payday 2.
Favorite Hobbys(Besides Computer games, idiot):Drawing, Practicing, and Writing.

Backstory: I used to really enjoy a lot of console games as a kid, and it was kind of my gaming life up until I was about 11, when My older brother introduced​ me to a game called Team Fortress 2. I'm very thankful, because what he did made me the person I am today. Without him, I wouldn't be on the PC during my free time. And yeah, I try to go out and do more things, but my roots will always be with having fun playing video games with friends.

Something Everybody Needs to Know: Yeah, I know sometimes that I be silent or mean to my friends for a little while and such, but don't make it like I hate you or something. My emotions usually take over how I act most of the time, so if i'm a little upset or sad, then I just need some space. I sometimes take out my emotions on others, even when they don't deserve it. And some of my friends take a bit to seriously. It's really hard for me to keep up with what everybody has going on, and it hurts a lot to see good friends go. Just try to keep in contact, be nice and i'll try to do the same, okay?

I'm also a part of a TF2 Steel Team, here's my experience:

Season 25- 6v6 Juice crew 2-4
Season 26- 6v6 Wet Bandits NA
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Some More Info About Me
If you don't know, my favorite Team Fortress 2 class is Medic. I also really enjoy Engineer and Soldier.

My favorite Payday 2 character is Chains. I like him only because he feels really comfortable. I enjoy Jacket and Sangres a lot too.

My favorite character in Don't Starve is Wilson. I've played a bit of Woodie and Wolfgang, but I don't like them as much as Wilson.

My favorite character (Mask) in Hotline Miami is Richard. I enjoy playing a game with no gimmicks.

And the character who I think is the most interesting in Hotline Miami 2 is Dectective Pardo. I like his story a lot.

What My statuses usually mean:
Offline:At work or Doing something IRL. i'll be on eventually.
Online:Chatting or Deciding What game to play next. If not those, I am most likely arranging some music. Feel free to Message me.
In game _______: I'm in that game. Usually with a friend(s). Come Join if you'd like.
Away:Most Likely running an errand and will be back in 20 or so minutes. If it's not that I probably went too far into arranging music.

Other Platforms:
Discord: Doud (message me if you want to friend me.)

I also play Medic for what I think is the Wet Bandits(?). I realize that it may not be the best, but everybody starts somewhere. Here's a link to the discord:

Those are my only two other platfroms.

I won't accept people with Private profiles/Inventories. This also includes people with Steam levels of 0.

Have a nice Day/Night.

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