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Thank you Marc Laidlaw [github.com]

Hello and Welcome to my Profile.

I was the owner of Touhou Hale 2

If you want to trade/give me (Steam,Csgo,TF2, etc...) Items just use the trade offer thing .

PS. I'm always looking for Steamcards i do not have, Use the trade offer link to send me some. (Either Give them or Trade for cards you don't have)


Here are some links where you can find me
My Youtube Channel - Link2006
My Twitch Channel - Link2006 [www.twitch.tv]
My Hitbox Channel - Link2006 [www.hitbox.tv]
My Twitter - @Linkcool2006


You're still here? Here's my BTC Address:



Want to give items, or do a trade but don't wanna add me?

Trade offer link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=11524751&token=IqQPcvLD

Please note my wishlist ISN'T Sorted properly, as it would take way too long to fix.
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Thanks, You too.
FatalThornz⛄ Oct 31 @ 6:54pm 
merry candy apple o ween
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I'd like to talk to you a bit.
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I need to ask you something
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i asked tsuji for your stem profile so i could add you ned to talk to you great oak
『Parsee Mizuhashi』 Aug 28 @ 9:12pm